New Beginnings in 2012

Nothing like starting anew.

I think that every once in a while, we all hit that stump in our lives where we ponder the moment and wonder where on Earth we are. It is usually then, whereby we reflect on all that has been whether they be the good, the bad, and the unshakable ugliness with everyday life. I would imagine most of you would have made new and promising New Year Resolutions (NYR) in the hopes and wishes that a new year would bring a wind of good fortune and a wave prosperity. I believe the majority of my friends would give me a thumbs up and like this statement, were it to appear on FB.
I assume that for most people, their NYR’s would range between finding a newer and more challenging job (along with a better pay which cannot hurt), or finding someone new to share their lives with. Some may hope they can become fitter, whilst others merely wish for more time they can spend with their family/kids or learning a new instrument/hobbies. As for me, I want to start with something simpler. That is, to pick up what I felt was one of my long lost past-time hobby.

Since I’ve stopped blogging, I’ve found that I read a lot less, my vocabulary has gone horrendously poor, my social skills a disaster, and my appearance atrocious when trying to describe to someone something I know very well with “uhh… humm… yeah… I know what I want to say, but I can’t think of the word/words to describe them.” So in this manner, my very first attempt at being a better me, I will strive to keep this blog active and continue to write more of my life, thoughts, and other “interesting” stuff.

My goal is to hopefully be able to get some followers to constantly read, comment, and hopefully participate.
If I achieve this, all of the blogging is worth it~


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