Only the second day, and I’m already kinda stumped on what to write.
I did have various topics to talk about, but its typically dependent on the amount of time I have to type. No internet access during night time really hampers how much time I can spend typing up a blog. But like I have said in the previous entry, maybe I will not write in here everyday, but will try to write whenever I can.

Oh yeah, last night the camp and I went to “Stone” 石頭” (I think)
That place is pretty nice…. but the Caotun one that I went to wasn’t as good as the Fengyuan one which I went with my parents. I think they lacked a bit on the service, the food quality and a bit on the quantity. Nevertheless, we ate a lot. I think our table of ten went through like 12 HUGE PLATTERS of meat. Like an all you can eat BBQ buffet. I think in total, there were 35 of us and we all had a great time. Got to know my 學弟 a lil bit more as well as had a good time with the other guys. The place is also slightly pricey, but retrospectively, was a nice place to dine with a huge group of people.

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