Beef Galore

Not exactly sure, but it happened so that last week… I had several consecutive meals of steak and beef. I’m sure that having so much steak is bad for me. I remember for most of 2010 as well as 2011, beef was quite rare in my diet. I do rather enjoy it normally, but during those last two years, I didn’t get the chance to eat too much because I’d been living with people who didn’t eat beef.

Last week however, I had so much beef, it wasn’t funny. I think on Tuesday night, we had ‘Stone’ bbq grill all you can eat where I mostly just ate beef bits. Wednesday, had seafood for dinner and dumplings for lunch. Thursday, beef noodles for lunch and and other complementary meal from Tungchi senior where we went to this steakhouse called Dahe. Then the day after, lunch was at another steakhouse called Daxiun (Elephant) where our Department of Planning head treated everyone in the department a free meal. Later that night, dinner with REDC… ken brought his wife and kids along… man they’re so damn cute… Was about to order another steak… but I had to hold it off and decided to order the lamb instead. Man, really miss NZ lamb chops so much. Was pretty good, really well cooked.

Yeah… felt like I had a decent dose of beef that made up for my past couple of years all in one week… lol

Edit: Additional note, grandparents wanted to go to Taichung steakhouse that same Sunday, because it was one of my cousin’s birthday… lol… that’s a lot of steak meals in 1 week.

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