Interesting week

So far, this week has been somewhat interesting. A few times, I had wanted to write in here, but haven’t really gotten the chance or the quiet time to write in here. (Something which I am scared of).

Yesterday, I tried to teach the kids to play bullrush (one of my favourite childhood games), but it seems like the kid’s here don’t really understand the concept of purely bolting across the field. But as soon as the get on a basketball court, their energy peaks and are all revved to play ball.

After class, J introduced me to a friend of his friend. His name is Fuder (pronounced foode) from the states, Cali. The guy was pretty cool. His family owns a motel in Nantou which is pretty cool. The guy, I must admit just radiated “cool”ness and in my opinion, is quite handsome with his no.1 haircut. Actually, quite like a typical hip-hop Asian American, hah… That evening, he showed us some groovy places in Nantou like the sand sculptures and this small temple who had these awesome as trees that would be perfect if one wished to make a treehouse. The branches span horizontal like 2m above ground and are linked to the surrounding trees as well. He also had taken us to this really nice cosy and authentic cottage for dinner, up in the mountains, overlooking Nantou. Seriously IDEAL spot for a romantic getaway or a date. The place had a few cute dogs and evening-lit garden that appears enchanting and magical.

Last Sunday, I had met up with Pat, after trying to arrange an encounter over two months. The guy is exceptionally interesting, and he talk’s insanely fast. I had a 2 hr breakfast with him and the time literally flew by so fast. Whilst there were many things that was uncommon between us, we were able to constantly engage with each other on the various things between the both of us. The guy is exceptionally on to it. The cafe we had breakfast reminded me of cafes back in NZ, where we had juice and bacon, sausages and eggs along with toasted bread and some salad. Was a nice meal, but it’s better and more authentic back in NZ.

Some days, I wish time would fly faster, other times, wishing it would slow down.
Guess the only thing we can actually do is make the most of NOW!!!

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