Shopping spree

It’s been a fairly long time since I’ve gone shopping…
Off a random whim, me and J decided to head to this new mall in Taichung called Top City 大遠百 where he told me that place had a 5 Star Bathroom.
I must say, it was pretty nice… I don’t think it compared to the one in one of the malls I remember going to in HK or this other one I had remember going to in Tokyo.

We browsed the first few lower levels. It had plenty of highly priced international brands… seeing those kinda price tag can literally stun a person on the spot. Looking around however, people appeared to be growing money trees in their back yards.  Wasn’t even after work, but there were many people, hot-shots with cuties,  shopping around with bags of purchases. Sometimes I wish I have a sugarmama… LOL… Nah jokes… a hot girl will do… 😉

But cutting a semi long story short, because it was nearing the end of winter as well as the end of Chinese New Year, I came out of the mall with three full bags of new jackets (yes… for some reason, I only bought jackets) an empty wallet, a swiped bank card, and my whole months allowance gone in one afternoon.

Note to self; when you cap an active volcano, it’s gonna burst one day… and it aint gonna be pretty… D:

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