All’s fair in gender equality

Today, I was reading through the news when I came across an article on the gender equality of Taiwan. I’ve come across this topic before, but it never really bothered me till today. I generally thought that this was their way of becoming more contemporary or following the path to become westernised (or American-like, cause they look up to the states like an elder brother). It was only after I had read through the article in more detail where something struck a wrong chord with me.

Normally, I believe that I’m quite a liberal person and with that said, whilst I do take into the different accounts and the perspective of both sides, there usually is an ideal way to settle things.
Okay, so here’s the thing. I agree that regardless of gender, someone who does the same amount of work, same type of work, who produces the same quality of work, and who works the same hours of work…  deserve to get paid the same. NOTED!
The thing is, due to societal customs and expectations, it is customary that men are the breadwinners of their household/relationships and that they should carry the majority of the financial responsibilities on their shoulders. Whilst this does not carry over towards every instance of this case, this is considered the norm.

Since this IS the norm and the expected custom, the disparity in the wages and salaries becomes evident hence, the push towards gender equality. Often in the streets, I see the men paying the bills, picking up the checks, paying for the things over the counter. Going dutch is rarely seen and generally used by students here in this country. Because they’re men, being financially forward shows power, reliability, and gentlemanlike. Whereas it is perfectly fine that the female party can keep and save her wealth, and use it however she pleases. 

I am sure any man of worth would not mind too much in pampering their dearly beloved, but let’s say… not all relationships end up as happily ever after… especially during this day and age. Breaks-ups, divorces, cheating, affairs… there are numerous ways to break relationships and each day, these occurrences happens more and more. They may have their own reasons that their relationships break, whether there are changes to feelings and situations, or negatively… but I feel that at the end of the day, the men have the short end of the stick… or the shit-stick. Maybe they deserve it, maybe they don’t…  but what I don’t agree with and nowhere in my crazy ass mind do I find the movement for pushing for gender equality and minimizing wage/salary and job position disparities an acceptable case when the normal household or relationship customs are the complete opposite. I don’t believe making everyone financially responsible for their own is the solution, but in this social environment, vying to be fairer, democratic society… it seems extremely illogical and contradictory to me!!! 


    • Franklin
    • February 29th, 2012

    For my $0.02, I think it’s a mix between a) Women wanting fair treatment from men for doing the same work and being awarded the same positions men get i.e. feminism, and b) Women wanting to be treated in a special way when it comes to relationships i.e. chivalry, and c) In the past, men have been positioned as the ‘financial controller’ and leadership positions because society at large, and still is, a male-biased society, where the male son is favored at the root level of the society, and a male president (or a female president with a strong jaw look???) gives an image of ‘strong’ leadership… these are the forces I could observe off the top of my head anyway, that aren’t meant to be correct or exhaustive but I am sure you can relate to them (hopefully!).

    Given that all these forces are at play and tug at you and I, personally I am not surprised you’ve arrived at this conclusion 😛 In NZ you also need to deal with the race issue as well, which is another powerful force in all industries where you’re not the business owner e.g. white-dominated management in international organizations, or korean-dominated workforce in a korean company (makes sense frankly, but its just what I’ve heard, not experienced first hand) etc.

    I think at the end of the day if we just treat others the way we’d like to be treated, these disparities wouldn’t be an issue because we’ll respect each other at the end of the day, and that’s usually where a lot of arguments and tension come from (pride / saving face), because they don’t think they’re being respected or respected ENOUGH for their title / age / gender / self-conceived reputation. Tempted to say that the teachings of Confuciusim (spelling?) is the answer but that could be brainwashing by my wife’s household 😛 Even if there is no actual disparity, people who have something to gain may do their best to make it look that way (maybe politicians wanting to use this as their agenda, HR gender relation consulting firms, families wanting their son to take over the family business[??], etc).

    Woops, sorry for the rant :p I have quoted no sources so take it with a generous helping of salt…

    • Yeah… chivalry… that was the word that I couldn’t think of… gah… =.=
      Everything you have said is what I think too… but that’s the point… their asking for fairness and equality when the want the cake and to be able to eat it too… It’s kinda like protesting against bullying and violence when you beat up the people you are protesting to to have it your way. Hopefully you get what I mean in this fickled nonsense that is my rant.
      Whilst at the root level of society, as you’ve said, is favoured towards men, there was a coherent reason behind it all. I know that the newer generation do tend to lean closer to equality than previously, but it’s still basically a step behind than how it’s imagined to be, hence the inequality in search for the equality.

      Mmm… if only everyone lived by the golden rule, then maybe as you have said, we can all live peacefully together?

    • yangy
    • March 15th, 2012

    So long as we are humans, there will never be gender equality my friend 😛

    • Sigh… I know you’re right… it just sux it’s like that… stupid…

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