Hi there, nice to meet you~

As I slowly drifted awake from bed this morning, I swore what I actually had been dreaming was reality, and what is now was actually a dream. I had in fact had the most interesting dream with this person, who I have never actually met. I had been talking over the phone to them as they were an old friend, yet conversing with topics such as what they do normally for a job and also what their favourite sandwich fillings were.

Bizarre as it seemed, I felt an affinity and kinship to this person whom I have never met. It was strange as the reason I had made the call from the beginning was to confirm a time to meet for a concert with my brother and his friends. Because he was busy, he had asked me to make the call on his behalf. What had eventuated from an incorrect number followed an amiable discussion. This person apparently was an astrophysicist who lived in America, state of California and loves large helpings of veges with a relish of sauces on the side (not to mention the well roasted chicken breast in the centre). Enjoys using paint on Microsoft Windows, listening to Jazz music and most obviously, watching the starry night sky in a cloudless open area. Hates people who are not punctual, people who cannot seem to tell when they should stop talking as well as people who can’t seem to stick to the point of the topic and not talk on a tangent about how pouring tea should be done when the water isn’t boiling hot when you asked them where they had left the stapler…

As we had talked, I felt comfortable talking to this person. We agreed on many things and laughed at our difference. They had a mellow and non-confrontational yet engaging tone when they spoke, the type similar to meeting an old friend. I have no idea how I found out so much about someone who I have never met…  
Overall, an odd… VERY odd experience.

But as abruptly as I made the random call, I was woken by the earthquake shakes to my bed caused by the sleeping junior next to me as he rolled in his slumber… sigh… I want my sleep/dream back….

    • Franklin
    • March 7th, 2012

    If you can believe that the world we experience is entirely inside our heads, then making dreams reality and experiencing reality in a dream is only … logical? :p

    • Yeah, totally… you’re right… except for the fact that if I wanted to call this person again, it may prove to be quite difficult. However, I also had another dream the other day that the side of my car had been scraped completely down to the metal from accidentally losing control while driving on the freeway. In that case, I glad it was only fiction and not real…. >.<

    • Franklin
    • March 8th, 2012

    XD yea glad that one was only in your dream!

    If you haven’t seen ‘source code’ you might wanna see it, might help your state of mind right now 🙂

    • Yeah, I have seen it… I think it’s a really deep movie… @.@
      Gave me lots to think about later that night after the movie. Oh well… Guess there are other adventures out there waiting for us… >.<

    • yangy
    • March 15th, 2012

    This reminds me of when I was younger. My dad would be overseas but in my dream he suddenly returns home. So I start panicking over all the chores I have not yet finished and the scolding I was to get…*laughs at my childhood nightmares* =.=|||

    Otherwise! Very interesting, I’ve never had such a detailed dream…and even if I have I can never seem to remember much in details.

    • Yeah, I normally have pretty vivid dreams… though I know I often forget them when I wake up. It’s strange… meh… But this one… I was really really annoyed when I got woken up… LOL…

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