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In the weekend, I read an article on the net about how there was a Marmite shortage and that it may possibly go out of stock for good causing a nation wide Marmite scare. I can’t say that I’m really a fan, but I don’t mind having a Marmite spread on toast now and again…
Anyways, they listed their 10 things that New Zealanders can’t live without and if NZ were to lose one of these things, it would be as devastating as losing a finger. These were their top 10 (they actually only listed 9… so fail… =.=) and my own feelings about them as following:

1) Sauvignon Blanc
I can’t say I really enjoy the NZ SB… The taste is meh… I’ve had white wine from other countries that are much better, but I think that’s just a personal taste preference. I do know that the average NZ household usually has a glass of this with every dinner meal at home or out.
2) Heinz Tomato sauce
I never actually noticed a difference when I was younger. I just thought that all ketchup and tomato sauce tasted like this. I do say, it does make the food that your eating taste slightly different and I will always remember the taste. But I probably wont die from not having this again. But it is good nonetheless… haha…
3) Kumara
Yeah… NZ kumara is pretty damn nice. So is the ones here… lol.. but I think Kumara is just one of those veges that would be sorely missed if it were gone…
4) Milo
Boy do I miss this stuff. Yeah… I’m a Milo’s kid… >.< I admit it. Over here, they only have Ovaltine.. and by comparison, this stuff is sh#t… seriously… people think it’s a good substitute for a quick mix chocolate drink, but it really isn’t. There are so many hot chocolate varieties in NZ. I miss them a lot!!! Most are better than the good stuff they have here. But I can’t complain, this place isn’t known for its Hot chocolates.. but milk tea? mmm….
5) Vogel
I remember as a kid, I used to hate this stuff. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe because all the other kids in my class also hated this stuff, BECAUSE it was healthy. But I think one day in high school, I was sick of white toast so I decided to try one of these. What do you know… I really, really liked them… Coupled with a dab of butter and your favourite jam, it really made what you were eating feel wholesome and meaningful. But that’s just me.
6) Hokey Pokey
I wasn’t actually going to mention it here, but I decided I should spread the joy of one of our classic family stories.
It was a bright summer weekend when our grandparents and our aunty Patricia decided to take us (Me and my Bro) to Mt. Maunganui for a trip out in the sun. It had become customary that after every trip around the mountain, we would stop by at the ice cream shop, Copenhagen Cones. They really had the best strawberry waffle ice creams. I must have been about 8 and my brother 6. His favourite flavour was Hokey Pokey ice cream and mine my Goody Goody Gum Drops (you know, with the wine gum lollies mixed in the funky green ice cream… yeah that’s the one).
Awaiting eagerly outside the ice cream shop, me and my brother stood with our grandparents watching the beach-side view. Our mouthes were watering in anticipating the creamy sweetness that was to be ours very soon. Our Aunt walked out with the cones and gave each our respective flavours. When she gave my lil brother his, she looked down with a frown on her face and said, “sorry… they ran out of Hokey Pokey, so I got you vanilla instead.” Immediately, he began pouting, knowing very well that it wasn’t what he had wanted but there was no other way of getting it. I looked over at my brothers cone and noticed the yellow Hokey Pokey colouring on the sides and above. At first I was a bit confused. “Aunty, Aunty… you did get Hokey Pokey ice cream didn’t you?” whilst pointing to it and thinking that it was just my aunt not knowing what Hokey Pokey ice cream had actually looked like or that she wasn’t completely sure of her English and had mistaken what the shop clerk had said. The whole family gathered around the ice cream with puzzled expressions. Sure enough, it was covered with yellow and milky substances.
We all looked up towards Aunt Patricia. Looking quizzical she told us she was pretty sure that’s what the people in the store had said and that the ice cream she had was completely white before…  (*Arrrg…. Arrrg…*) and it was only then when we realised that there were seagulls flying above us. I looked at my grandparents, I looked at my aunt. I saw there were more yellow and white colouring on the sleeves of my brother’s jacket. Putting the pieces together in my head, I was unable to hold in my hysterical laughters and I bursted out laughing at my brother. I told him, ‘you said you wanted Hokey Pokey… well you got it~’ hahaha… My brother could only cry as the grown ups all began laughing too while they helped wipe his tears and cleaned him up. Aunt Patricia got him a new ice cream cone as she threw away they spoiled one. My Grandma sat my brother down and looked him in the eyes. “Don’t cry dear, it means you have good luck! See…”

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

7) Bluff Oysters
They’re okay, but I wouldn’t say they are FANTASTIC! Mmm.. okay… maybe I need to be convinced by them again. Where are they at? Yes.. I know they’re in Bluff… but where can I try some now?
8) Marshmallow Easter Eggs
Marshmallow didn’t occur to me as such a big thing until the other week when I had a couple of marshmallows in my hot chocolate the other day. God I miss it. I know it may be too sweet for some people but chocolate eggs and marshmallow just go so well together that some kind of festive magic spring from the combination of the pair. Envy!?! I think so…
9) Marmite
Ahh… Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. Or you can think it’s okay and you don’t mind it once in a while like me.  Marmite is really unique and I don’t think I’ve ever had anything quite like it. I heard that there are recipes out there which in fact add Marmite as the secret ingredient in their recipe. Funny thing is when it’s cooked thorough, you cannot taste the actual Marmite… only the sweet bliss of the food melting in your mouth. (Oh, so I’ve heard).



    • Franklin
    • April 1st, 2012

    You should add one more so they can have a true list of 10… I’d say either pies or fish and chips as something NZ can’t do without… just my $0.02 🙂

    And re bluff oysters, when it’s oyster season you can get them at the upmarket restaurants in auckland… just shout if you’re around. I can organize something =p

    • Nah.. I wanted to prove a point that for a national news website, they are often pretty sloppy with their work. They seem like they rarely proof-read and they consistantly make small mistakes such as these.

      Anyways, not sure when the next time I’ll be heading back to NZ. So I’ll probably grab a rain check on that, haha…
      I am however missing NZ’s pies, fish’n’chips, and steak…. mmm

        • Franklin
        • April 2nd, 2012

        yup… don’t forget steak… and sausage sizzle as well if you had that in your childhood :p I know a few places for good steak 😉 There’s one I recommend in Taipei if you get time to go up there…

      • Oh where? Where? please tell me… I don’t go up to taipei often, but will try when I do get a chance…

    • Franklin
    • April 5th, 2012


    I didnt try the new zealand steak variety, just the american steak ones… pretty good 🙂 I went to the one close to 小巨蛋, don’t remember the exact branch sorry … pretty good service too! Just price might be exp 😦

    • mmm Kk, thanks for that… when I get a change next time, I’ll go check it out…

  1. May 15th, 2012

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