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So maybe I should’ve gone to be a mechanic or an engineer…

Whilst surfing the web, I came across someone saying they recently did a Myer-Briggs personality test and how she had married to someone who was completely the opposite of her. The topic sparked up many memories I had from my management classes back in Uni. I still remember doing those tests, and I had I rough idea of who I was, but I had never been able to get a concrete answer and the same result each time.

Now that I understand myself a lot better than I did back then, I decided to give it a try… and this time around I was a solid ISTP.  It was solid because at first when I read through the result, I was going ‘yep, that’s me, yep and that too…’ Before I knew it, I had ticked off the entire list in the summary section and I was so amazed. They had me so spot on. I know within myself that I am exactly this kind of person. So I decided to share it with you all. The website had said:

ISTPs (The Mechanic) generally have the following traits:

  • Interested in how and why things work
  • Do not function well in regimented, structured environments; they will either feel stifled or become intensely bored
  • Constantly gather facts about their environment and store them away
  • Have an excellent ability to apply logic and reason to their immense store of facts to solve problems or discover how things work
  • Learn best “hands-on”
  • Usually able to master theory and abstract thinking, but don’t particularly like dealing with it unless they see a practical application
  • Action-oriented “doers”
  • Focused on living in the present, rather than the future
  • Love variety and new experiences
  • Highly practical and realistic
  • Excellent “trouble-shooters”, able to quickly find solutions to a wide variety of practical problems
  • Results-oriented; they like to see immediate results for their efforts
  • Usually laid-back and easy-going with people
  • Risk-takers who thrive on action
  • Independent and determined – usually dislike committing themselves
  • Usually quite self-confident

Knowing very well that this totally had me written out on paper, I clicked into what sort of careers are suggested for these type of people.

Possible Career Paths for the ISTP:

  • Police and Detective Work
  • Forensic Pathologists
  • Computer Programmers, System Analysts and Computer Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics
  • Pilots, Drivers, Motorcyclists
  • Athletes
  • Entrepreneurs

To me, all these career paths seem interesting and I can so imagine myself doing these kinds of things. Looks like I’m a bit off course on all accounts… haha…

Visit to a Buddhist Temple

I had been meaning to write about this earlier, or straight after it happened, but I never had gotten the chance to focus. The experience had been refreshing. About a month ago, I had gone up to Taipei to visit a really old friend of mine. She’s not old… (just clarifying) I’ve just known her for so long that she’s more like a Sis to me. It’s not like an elder or a younger Sis kinda relationship, just someone who I’ve shared many of my stories and adventures with from back in days of College. Anyways, this isn’t important…

I was so excited to catch up with her for so long, to the extent that I never really thought about what was on the agenda when I arrived. You know, maybe a meal or drink, here and there… walkabout… presto… catch up…  But no, nothing special like that happened. When I arrived, she really didn’t recognise me. I’ve never actually had my hair so short before, I think it really took awhile for her to adjust my image in her head. (She even had to call me first via phone to make sure if it was me…)

We had a pretty awesome time then, but she asked if I had planned anything. I said no… with that ‘yeah, I really had wanted to think of a cool idea, but nothing came up’ that kinda awkward look. She mentioned to me that her parents had wanted to go up to this Buddhist temple (I apologise, but I really can’t remember the name >.<) and asked if I would be interested. Seeing as I really had nothing up my sleeve, and also that going to visit a Buddhist temple is pretty random and unique, I said ‘yeah cool… lets go~’.

Oh yeah… on a side note, after living here for half a year, I had only realised that my family’s religion wasn’t really Buddhism but in fact, Taoism. Who knew… I grew up all my life telling people otherwise… haha… not that it mattered too much.

It was times like that, I really wished I had a camera. The place was amazing. The temple was high up in the mountains, the air was insanely fresh. They had this outdoors area that had a large pond to the entrance of the Buddhist statue. On the sides were some cabinets that were numbered from 1 to 108. My friend’s dad told me that if I made a prayer in front of the statue, a magical and spiritual number would come up. And that’s the number I should open. Intrigued, I couldn’t let an opportunity like this go amiss… So I made a prayer, and thought of the number… a few numbers came up. They were 24, 32, and 36. So what did this mean? Do I have a go at all three? Or do I focus more and narrow it down to one. Worrying about taking too many, I decided to go back to the prayer stands and to ask again, which one should I take. I concentrated really hard on the numbers, and it was 36 that felt apparently more visible than the others at the time. So Box 36 it was. I opened it and this was what it had said…

人生要在安定中求富足 , 又在鍛鍊中見其莊嚴 .
It had an English translation which read; Strive for prosperity and show grace in adversity.

I don’t think that it’s a direct translation, but the gist of the meaning was there… So basically, what it’s saying to me is that I need to do my best in all the things that I shall face… and to not lose my cool when the going gets tough. Okay, I had known that already… but somehow, the whole message just sounds much more profound and substantial when it comes out of a wooden box with a massive statue of Buddha sitting next to it.

I already know it’s going to be a long and hard road, but now I guess I’m more certain than ever. Time to rock on my serious face and wear that road down to a malleable piece of string in my hands!

Add oil people and peace~

Game On!

Game On!

As the previous seasoned Champion
I rock up to the stage glaring.
My presence, my might, beckons under my call.
My name, by right, is known by all.

‘Beware!’ I yelled to all my foes,
‘I’ll be blistering your hands and all your toes.’
‘If you have what it takes, come bring it on,’
‘Cause on the floor crying, you’ll be listening to my song.’

A challenger walks up, rooted tight to the stand,
With big round eyes and strong conviction in hand.
Unshaken by the unruly taunt,
Fearless in the face of the ghastly haunt.

Hands on the paddle with eyes glued to the ball,
Successful returns echoed all throughout the hall.
A swipe to the left, a smash on the right,
Combos after combos, my rhythms ignite.

My styles are blazing, heart jumping in beat,
Acknowledge that I am just turning on the heat.
The supporters howl in triumphant unison,
My adversary unfazed, unbroken, and unfrozen.

To be the best is my ultimate goal,
Win after win, I’m on a roll.
Fueled by my frenzy and my maddening ego,
My humbled discipline was gone, long ago.

To master my nemesis is the very proof of my worth,
Humiliation and obliteration are the keys of my mirth.
The science is precision, the art is finesse,
Leaving the opponent a complete and utter mess.

Puzzled in the expression led by their defeat,
The air left the audience on the edge of their seat.
Shame, anguish, sorrow, unseen on their face,
Instead was an appearance of elegance and grace.

To them, it had not been a battle for conquest,
Nor was it to challenge the mighty and the best.
The spirit of life coursed fierce through their veins,
It had been a chance to walk down memory lane.