Game On!

Game On!

As the previous seasoned Champion
I rock up to the stage glaring.
My presence, my might, beckons under my call.
My name, by right, is known by all.

‘Beware!’ I yelled to all my foes,
‘I’ll be blistering your hands and all your toes.’
‘If you have what it takes, come bring it on,’
‘Cause on the floor crying, you’ll be listening to my song.’

A challenger walks up, rooted tight to the stand,
With big round eyes and strong conviction in hand.
Unshaken by the unruly taunt,
Fearless in the face of the ghastly haunt.

Hands on the paddle with eyes glued to the ball,
Successful returns echoed all throughout the hall.
A swipe to the left, a smash on the right,
Combos after combos, my rhythms ignite.

My styles are blazing, heart jumping in beat,
Acknowledge that I am just turning on the heat.
The supporters howl in triumphant unison,
My adversary unfazed, unbroken, and unfrozen.

To be the best is my ultimate goal,
Win after win, I’m on a roll.
Fueled by my frenzy and my maddening ego,
My humbled discipline was gone, long ago.

To master my nemesis is the very proof of my worth,
Humiliation and obliteration are the keys of my mirth.
The science is precision, the art is finesse,
Leaving the opponent a complete and utter mess.

Puzzled in the expression led by their defeat,
The air left the audience on the edge of their seat.
Shame, anguish, sorrow, unseen on their face,
Instead was an appearance of elegance and grace.

To them, it had not been a battle for conquest,
Nor was it to challenge the mighty and the best.
The spirit of life coursed fierce through their veins,
It had been a chance to walk down memory lane.


    • Franklin
    • April 17th, 2012

    nice XD

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