Really has been too long…

As the title suggested above, it’s really has been too long since I’ve written in here. I dislike writing a post such as this as it’s more like creating an excuse for not writing in here where it probably would’ve been better to just write here in the first place.

Quite often, I do get ideas and topics I want to write about, yet I never get the “opportunity” to put my thoughts down. I still visit WordPress over the past week or so, but I never actually get anything written down here. Which is sad might I add. I have been busy however. With what? I can’t exactly answer myself. It may appear as if it is an issue of time management, or merely my lack of interest in commiting to actually writing here. But I swear… there have just been things that have been keeping me occupied =.=

Work now has become somewhat routine, so I basically show up and do whatever that has to be done or whatever that may just show or popup while at work. Home life is pretty lax… I purposely make time for home, and I generally just chill there with my grands. Weird life at this stage in my life… I guess… but I do value every moment of it. Ups and downs… but it’s still a pretty rocking experience. Sometimes I get an idea or a motivation to write here… then something pretty miniscule will get in the way. Things like going out for dinner, sleeping, having friends showing up to play sports etc.

I also hate to say this… but seeing as I have to go now to go have lunch and then to teach the kids… I have to say… till next time… hopefully I can write more…

P.S. The other reason also is cause the computer I was using before use to take 5min to load a webpage =.=
Sucks to be using old old computers =(

  1. I get you. That’s why I have somewhat moved from blogging to microblogging, where I could jot down immediate thoughts. Short sentences, so it doesn’t disrupt whatever I was doing when the thoughts occured. Which, also sucks, because despite intentions to write it out in full when I get home, I never find the time or memory to do so.

    So. Kudos for keeping up with your blog. Now, write more often! Rawr. jk 🙂

    • Mmm… If only I can start micro-blogging… I don’t exactly carry a smartphone around with me wherever I go, so that is quite out of the question. But I do rather enjoy the quiet time when I sit all to myself in my zone where I could just sit and ponder. Sadly, I don’t get many of those moments, plus my motivation comes irrationally…haha… Thanks for the encouragement though…

    • Franklin
    • May 16th, 2012

    Setup wifi and use a Ipad XD Data is so cheap in tw!

    • Yeah but I’m constantly on the move and I don’t really stay in one place usually. Also… I’ve been living a pretty cheap lifestyle… smartphones? data plans? What are those?

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