Red bean arms and legs

One thing that I am still not used to here, is the amount of bugs and mossies that are just…. Around everywhere. It’s almost as if they’re stalking me. I have no idea why they’re after me. But they’re like everywhere. They might not be around when I look, but like sneaky black ninjas, as soon as I feel a itch, they’ve already left their mark with no traces of them anywhere. it’s as if my bloody is super juicy to them… They just keep coming back for more… And they don’t sting my other colleagues. It’s sad… For me.

Should they be dumb enough to come back for a second bite, I have my sonic clap, BAM waiting for them. Yea that’s right! Fear me mossies!!! Sadly, neither my roars or my arms flung about in furious frustrations actually gives them any pause to come back. If I do catch any, they usually burst into blood splatters with all my sweet sweet blood. Gah!

I hate them so much. People see my arms and legs they laugh and say they look like red bean cakes. =(

Hopefully I can get rid of those red itchy bite spots sometime soon.

    • Franklin
    • May 16th, 2012

    you can get ointments or plug-in incense to drive them away these days bro… if you’re out and about, ointments are useful.

    • Tried ointments, they only work sometimes, not everytime. i still get bitten pretty often. I just take it as that my blood is exotic and they just love the smell and taste =/
      Don’t have plug-ins and stuff cause I’m normally outdoors.

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