Where are all the Mr Rights???

Generally, this question is asked by many female counter-parts.
Whether they’ve been hurt, their hearts broken, their BFF’s mistreated, etc.  men are the pricks. There are no ifs, buts, or maybes. The fact that they can treat woman to the point where they are made to feel like their entire world had just been burnt to a crisp, then pissed in the ashes, and finally spat on top of the pile just to make finishing touches make men the most despicable creatures on Earth and in Hell. They are so crude and heartless, demons and flaming hound-dogs look like little fluffy bats and puppies with huge eyes and cute little smiles.

Woman ask themselves, ‘why am I such a fool’? ‘Why would I let some jackass into my life, play with my heart, and then kindly allow them to stamp on it until it’s stopped beating?’ Seriously, why can’t I find some good-looking guy who is chivalrous, friendly, and humourous like in the movies, or like my good friend Jill, or like my cousin May… etc. (you get the point) It is like, you hear these amazing stories of beautiful and romantic couples, you look around and they seem like they are everywhere… but why is it that you only meet douchebags or their close cousins, assholes.

I wouldn’t say I hear this often, but it still seem’s that this issue is prevalent in many cases. I’m not writing this post to offer woman an alternative perception on men. No. Of course not. I too see and hear it happen often. There are many guys out there who I absolutely consider do not qualify to hold relationships yet they’re the kinds of guys that are able to get the girls the easiest. I don’t understand the logic. (Being a logical person that I am.) The girls get into relationships with those kind of guys, and basically the audience sit back and watch the train wreck happen. Sometimes, close friends and family will throw popcorn and yell remarks at the screen… but sadly, we all can foresee the climax and finale. Rarely does the cool bad wolf go through a life-changing experience and then becomes the Prince Charming you may be waiting for. But these cases are RARE!!!

If I can help it, I wouldn’t want to see any of my close relatives or friends to go through those kinds of experience. So I too will shake my fists up towards the heavens and ask, ‘Where are all the Mr Rights? Where…?’
I don’t believe that it’s a matter of them not existing. I know they’re out there. I’ve met many cool, handsome guys before (who might I add were/are single) and yet, I don’t see woman hanging off of their arms and legs wherever they go. It is strange isn’t it. It’s like the girl goes out into the car markets and asks for Buick’s and Rolls Royce, then settling to buy some random car which had sparked their interest on the spot. I don’t know… sorry… I’m pretty crap at giving analogies as you can see… but my point is… why is it that they always pick the pricks, when you can smell them a mile away, then grieve afterwards. That’s a one way road to disaster.  

I am a firm believer of going to restaurants. What I mean by this is, if you want Mexican, go to a Mexican restaurant. If you want to eat Chinese food, then go to a Chinese restaurant. Okay, these are bad examples. I don’t mean to separate it by races as well. Hmm… put it this way… if you like to go swimming, then go to the swimming pools. If you like reading, then go to your local library. Sounds logical?

I know it’s not easy meeting the right person. Ultimately, it really depends on fate, luck, opportunity, locality. But basically, surround yourself with the kinds of people you like to be with. And also, you may need a lil nudge to get the boulder down the cliff.

Good luck people, and may the force be with you…

  1. Where are all the Mr Rights?!

    • If you stopped looking for a Mr right and instead looked for Mr Liao, you’d find something quicker 😛

      • When did your mouth get so sweet? Must be the fine works of your wife~ Amazing!

      • I totally JUST saw these replies. You totally just meant Mr Right != Mr Liao. Is Allen not good enough for you?! 😛

    • …..
      Why Josi, why?

      • what do you mean why? you posed the question! 😛

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