Out of the blue…

Today, my department Vice-Director “borrowed” me from office to help him with some English pronunciation for his presentation. After having me gone through it one time, after getting an idea of how everything sounded, he allowed himself to also have a go after me. And in all honesty, he was quite bad. So I turned to him and corrected him after he finished his paragraph. He then just looked at me without breathing… taken a lil aback and stunned motionless.
And then he said, in all my years, no one has ever corrected me… and he thanked me profusely, patting me on the back and hoping that I hadn’t mis-read his expressions as he continued to thank me again as if I just saved his dear old cat,  drowning from the river. =.=
So awkward…. so very awkward…. =.=

On a totally different topic, (too lazy to write a new post) I found out the other day, that students who choose to study Biology during high school practically learns the equivalent of first and second year biology at University undergraduate level. I was a bit stunned when my Junior was telling me this as he majored bio in his undergraduate and Masters. Then I asked him, ‘if you guys had already learned most of bio in high school, what do they teach in the four years of undergraduate study here?’ He replies, ‘Basically English. We have to learn everything again from English text books and assessments.’
Talk about an intensive education system here… @.@

(Note: The national language here in this country is Chinese Mandarin.)

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