Secret Admiration

Since there have been people who have loyally followed my blog, I shall share with you all a hidden admiration of mine. It’s not a very spicy topic, and for most people who know me, they probably wouldn’t have guessed. But this is something I truly admire.

The thing is, I am very, very envious of people who KNOW how to take photos. I don’t believe all professional photographers are good at taking photos… yet occasionally, I would see a photograph captured by someone and it renders me speechless in awe, that you can see the envy gleam and tear in my eyes. I know that taking a photo for some is as simple as just pointing and shooting. It almost doesn’t seem fair by comparison to the effort that a painter would take in preparation and the construction of their art.

But to me, photography is also a very difficult form of art. Sometimes when I see those awe-inspiring pictures, I wonder… I wonder how the photographers plan to take their shots, the timing of those pictures, the angle, the lighting, the shadows, the colours, the contrasts. Even then… even if you had all those things picked correctly, it doesn’t mean that the picture would tell a story.
It is true. A picture really can tell a thousand words… or more. They give hints of the subjects past, present, and future. They bring about emotions, from hatred to love. They can also reveal truths to hidden lies or hide truths to support lies. They are able to expose majestic environments or show the vulgarity of behaviour. There are some things in this world, mere words are just unable to describe.

When I see those photos, I wish I have the talent to take them. To shoot those types of shots. I know it’s not too late to learn, but it actually takes real skill to take those kind of pictures. I know experience will help on the road to becoming an expertise in the art, but I really have no knack in grasping it. I have tried to take photos. They all somehow look lop-sided or that they are too shaky to even count as a picture. Capturing the beauty or even the realism of life is like trying to catch butterflies with a spoon for me. Maybe if I whack them hard enough, I can knock them out… but most likely, I’d just kill them.

  1. There are, I think, three parts to taking a good photo:
    1) Technical skill, which can be learnt fairly easily,
    2) The opportunity or luck to find something amazing to photograph,
    3) Decent equipment, which is available reasonably cheaply these days.

    I don’t pretend to be an expert or anything, but I’m practising and enjoying and getting better. Keep at it! 🙂

    • Thanks for your advice! I will keep at it, and i hope i will eventually get it some time down the track. Best of luck on your endeavour~

  2. Taking a photo whenever you have a chance will also help…

    Also, having a wife that knows how to take photos and getting advice will help as well… but that’s 可遇不可求 ahahaha

    • I was planning on saving up for a DSL camera. I know they’re a lil pricey for a beginner, but I wanted to learn how to start fiddling with the specs. Then I didn’t end up getting one, cause I can’t picture myself carrying that camera everywhere I go… @.@
      And yes… bless your wife and your lucky soul…

  3. for what it’s worth, I use a lumix lx2 which is better than a point and shoot, but not as advanced and bulky as DSLR… there are similar models (DSLR grade) that are almost the same size as point and shoots. But yes you’re right, if the form is bulky then that works against bring it around and practising as an amateur.. which was why I was thinking of getting an Iphone 😛

    • Yeah, I also checked that camera you have out. It’s pretty nice.. and it takes good pictures. But still, I really can’t see myself carrying around a camera. Also the lenses you need for them… (which might I add is HUGE), requires you to have several. For really close up shots, zoomed in shots, and scenery shots/night vision…. srsly… this hobby is insanely exp if you ask me… =[

      • lol yea… I’m limited to close scenery and food shots. You only need lenses if you have a DSLR and want to take specific ranged shots (out of my depth here…). My current camera is good for closeups and since that’s what I do most of the time (I don’t shoot at faraway places) it works for me. Just gotta find a model that works for most of the scenarios you want to shoot…and you can save up for lenses or other models if u want to change directions later on!

      • Yeah, I understand that… but currently, all the kinds of photo I want to take are kinda spontaneous… and the situations are varied so much that I don’t think there’s a certain “type” of camera for my wants… unless they were most likely a camera phone… but if that’s the case none of the camera’s in camera phones have the adaptability for all the different types of experiences which I would love to take. Things vary from close up shots of bugs and animals, scenery, architecture, night shots, people and colour, fast action or moving objects… etc. You get me?

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