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Hmmm… ^o)

Okay, so I am not one to judge or criticise. If you have the heart, the motivation, the determination, the will… then by all means… GO for it!!! People who go to the park, the gym, the streets to exercise… I root for you!

It’s just that… well… the other day when I was on my regular circuit run out on the tracks… I happen to pass another fellow runner. He was a triple plus size man and you can see him trying really hard to exercise as he’s running to loud blaring music through his headphones. Brilliant, I thought. Another fellow runner who cares about his health. It was only as I ran closer past him as he trudges along at his own pace until I heard what song it was.

“You’re beautiful~ You’re beautiful~ You’re beautiful, it’s true~”

Now you see… the whole image along with the music just somehow rubs me the wrong way… and I can only make the weird quizzical look on my facial expression. It just seems too overly clichéd. I can only assume he doesn’t actually know what the song is singing about, only that the song itself sung by James Blunt is something he can run to and is comfortable. That’s my only conclusion.
Again, I ran past him a second time… and by mere coincidence… the chorus plays yet again…
I sometimes do wonder if I really am living my life in a drama/comedy…


Healthy mind, healthy body…

Earlier today, I got a dose of good news.
During lunch time at Cosmed, there is a promotional event prompting for healthier living and healthier bodies. My friends were telling me I should go there for a check up yesterday, which I did.

Well guess what… I had good news, after the examination today, I’ve learned that I’ve increased my body mass whilst still keeping my fat to muscle ratio low. My new BMI is 20.7 which means I’m in the healthy zone. And the measurements gave me an estimated body age of 19 years old. That’s almost a decade younger than my age now… lol… Booyah!!! The other guys had estimated ages of 36 and 45… haha… and they’re younger than me. But I can see they’ve been trying also… cause we sometimes go out exercising together. I think, if you try to stay healthy… you reallycan make a difference and revitalise your body.

Finally, I have achieved one thing in my NYR (new years resolution). First time ever! It really feels nice being able to cross something off a NYR list… >”<
I am happy… =)

Just doing my job…

I was merely doing my job. My department director called me into his office and before I knocked on his door, I could only wonder what task he has for me. It has only happened a couple of times, but when I do go there, it’s merely to take docs and files to his office. He usually just grunts and briefly eyes me and then continues with his work.

Today however, he wanted me to go through this application form he had. I took a couple of minutes going through the small details and then went through each section of the form with him. After the task, I excused myself from his office and went back to my desk.
On my way back, his secretary called me back to his office. I thought I might have missed a point he wasn’t absolutely sure about. It turns out he wanted to give me a model plane as thanks for helping him. A 1:100 scaled E190 commercial airplane.

Sooooooooo random……………. But cool nonetheless…

You’re only wanted when you’re needed…

There is one thing I don’t understand about people, about friendships. There’s no exact rule or law of how things should be dealt or handled, but lately it’s bothered me.

A rough continuum of how friendship is labeled generally goes something like this: strangers, acquaintances, distant friends, friends, close friends, BFF.
By listing out the labels of friends, hopefully you can see the picture that I’m trying to paint. Of course there are friends you can be extremely close with, then there are friends that you enjoy the company of but wouldn’t necessarily have to be in touch with them constantly. Obviously not all friends are expected to have a constant presence around you, but I feel that at least a certain level of being a close friend and more would require some effort from both to keep alive. But what really bothers me are the people who may think that they are your close friends… who does not even bother to maintain a certain level connection yet, when they finally do contact you, you know that they are after something from you.

Now of course, I do not expect that you need to be babied with your hands held in a death-like grip, or a constant surveillance on say FB to be considered a close friend. Just a general concern of care is enough, followed by a natural space for your fellow close friend actually does mean something. What really bothers me is that the people who tries to be your close friends only till the point where they get what they had come for, then they’re gone again in their busy lives.

Heck, everyone is busy at our age, but does our past memories, our travels and fun not count towards a following reply? Is it easier to just ignore all others until it’s convenient for yourself? Any attempt at maintaining a reply or relational bond require such a  stark volume of your time? Or in reality, you just do not care? Falling out, I can understand. Having no time because you get so caught up and busy, I can understand. But having nothing shared between you for some time and then approaching you out of the blue for some favour, attention, information… totally not cool!

I just wanna thank those friends who follow my blog or even bother to just say hey cause it’s a cool day. You guys are the best~

An audience with the bugs~

I can’t say I am the biggest fan of creepy crawlies. As long as they don’t bother me, they don’t evade my space, my home, litter in my environment… then I am fine with them. Sorry guys, but being a bit lazy to write it out in full, I will list all the different encounters I’ve faced this summer.

A) This morning, when I went to turn on the lights to shower, sitting about 5cm above the light switches was a moth… yep a moth… brown, furry… and the size of the diameter of my hand!!! OMG!
Ehm… I wasn’t afraid though, just shocked me cause I never have actually saw one that huge in real life. I still flicked the switch on and went to take a shower. It was still there when I finished… @.@  I guess it was sleeping.

B) Once a month, we take turns mowing the forest of grass which grows taller than us all. It’s a real struggle fighting the grass, which needs to be chopped several times per area just because it’s too thick and tall. Occasionally, the blades of a weed whacker will find and nip off a ball of grass… and literally, I kid you not… monstrous black grass ants will spew… and I mean SPEW like a ferocious volcanic explosion type of rupture out of the rugby ball sized ball of grass. Quite a horrific sight. I wonder where they all run off too… hopefully not to get their revenge when I’m sleeping later that night.
Sorry little… I mean giant ants, I didn’t mean to open your house. Please forgive me.

C) Since I was mentioning about mowing, another bug that loves to come out then are massive black and white mosquitos. Kinda like the stripes of a zebra. Anyways, usually I don’t find out until my skin swells up like large pink boils that I realise I have been bitten. I hate them so much. They are damn sneaky and extremely irritating. I have only ever managed to catch two during this time while they suck my blood. One I managed to splatter, the other escaped my killer mossi swot of wrath! The one that I splattered burst in my palms, thick with my own red blood. MY blood! Rawr!!! And as if to tease me more, these blue Jays would swoop down right in front of me while I’m mowing… do a lil taunt *caw caw* and then fly away sitting on the power lines watching me with his friends. When I look at them, I can see it in their eyes. They’re laughing at me, taunting me, mocking me. Thinking ‘pitiful humans… trying to cut down the ever-growing grass.’
I show them my fist… they ‘re not afraid. Neither are the mossies =(

D) And if there’s mozzies and other flying insects, you can bet that there are spiders. I did see a pretty huge one the other day, but it’s not those which bother me. There are these tiny that just string webs everywhere. You could be walking down the street or in the park… or even in your back yard… and suddenly you feel like you have just walked into a life-sized web that covers your face, your arms, your legs. This annoyance magnifies itself ten folds if you just came out of the shower for a brisk walk in the sunset.

E) Then there are millipedes. Without my glasses, they just look like miniature red earthworms. But when you see them climb up the walls, around the sink, literally ALL over the ground everywhere… you’d think that they were like the fallen leaves of a tree. Except they’re not… they’re alive, they move, and I’m sure they’re eating all the scraps off the ground. Ugh… a millipede tree… now that’s a scary thought.
One time, there was like a couple of them sitting on the doorknob of the shower door. I tried to turn the knob without touching them. With careful effort and precision, I managed to turn the knob to hear the click of the latch. Success! I quickly swung the door open and jumped out. And one of them fell down on the ground. It wasn’t until after closer inspection that I found out that it was gushing out a clear liquid. I may have accidentally tore it in half =(
Sorry mr/mrs millipede.

F)  Swarms… Swarms and swarms of dragonflies and crickets buzzing around trees. And by my standards, they’re huge. Their body the length of my fingers. The middle one. Are they suppose to get that large? I dunno.

G) With those aforementioned, near our drainage area as well as the little puddles and ponds we have at the camp, there are bullfrogs. They’re small and camouflaged in the straw coloured greenery yet with the orchestra of music, you’d have expected that there were at least hundreds and thousands all living there.

H) I was just walking along the footpath… like any normal person would. And for a second, I heard the sound of a chopper flying closer and closer towards my head behind me. Quick reflexes allowed me to dodge what was coming from behind, mere centimeters from my ear. Believe me when I say this, a huge green beetle almost the size of my fist decided my head was as good as any flying obstacle for his afternoon flight around the neighbourhood.

I) Okay, even though this wasn’t a bug… but because there are so many around the camp, there are also a huge amount of geckos. One day, a gecko who I named Billy, thought it was a good idea to hide in my locker. He also believed that my cotton vest made an ideal lavatory for his stay. Unlike Billy, I totally disagreed with him, and was trying to force him out. But the more I tried to force him, the more he ran back further into the darkness of the locker.
This clearly wasn’t going to work. Instead, I covered all the holes of the locker, and left a small gap in the door where the light shone in. He slowly made his way out.  I hope Billy found a more ideal place to stay.

J) Yes, there are snakes here. They’re hiding in the grass. Waiting…

As much as I would like to be a part of the environment, please allow me to survive living amongst all these creatures. Living here has opened my eyes to how “safe and protected” NZ is. Mmm… NZ…. truly is a safe haven.

Update: On top of all that, the other day I was refilling my water bottle at a water distiller. As the pressed a button, a bug crawled up from underneath the tap and started crawling onto the top. I swear, it’s an alien bug. I’ve never seen it before. It’s like a grasshopper, beetle, ant, cockroach hybrid, in a seaweed green shell with yellow stripes. It had antennas three times the length of its body and was about the size of my index finger. Mmm… crazy, crazy place this is… @.@