You’re only wanted when you’re needed…

There is one thing I don’t understand about people, about friendships. There’s no exact rule or law of how things should be dealt or handled, but lately it’s bothered me.

A rough continuum of how friendship is labeled generally goes something like this: strangers, acquaintances, distant friends, friends, close friends, BFF.
By listing out the labels of friends, hopefully you can see the picture that I’m trying to paint. Of course there are friends you can be extremely close with, then there are friends that you enjoy the company of but wouldn’t necessarily have to be in touch with them constantly. Obviously not all friends are expected to have a constant presence around you, but I feel that at least a certain level of being a close friend and more would require some effort from both to keep alive. But what really bothers me are the people who may think that they are your close friends… who does not even bother to maintain a certain level connection yet, when they finally do contact you, you know that they are after something from you.

Now of course, I do not expect that you need to be babied with your hands held in a death-like grip, or a constant surveillance on say FB to be considered a close friend. Just a general concern of care is enough, followed by a natural space for your fellow close friend actually does mean something. What really bothers me is that the people who tries to be your close friends only till the point where they get what they had come for, then they’re gone again in their busy lives.

Heck, everyone is busy at our age, but does our past memories, our travels and fun not count towards a following reply? Is it easier to just ignore all others until it’s convenient for yourself? Any attempt at maintaining a reply or relational bond require such a  stark volume of your time? Or in reality, you just do not care? Falling out, I can understand. Having no time because you get so caught up and busy, I can understand. But having nothing shared between you for some time and then approaching you out of the blue for some favour, attention, information… totally not cool!

I just wanna thank those friends who follow my blog or even bother to just say hey cause it’s a cool day. You guys are the best~

  1. Yeah… a little wary of those people who only message you for something. I don’t mind helping, per say, but if its a consistent thing where you ask for something, then disappear after its done, only to appear a year later next time when you need something… it gets a little old.

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