Just doing my job…

I was merely doing my job. My department director called me into his office and before I knocked on his door, I could only wonder what task he has for me. It has only happened a couple of times, but when I do go there, it’s merely to take docs and files to his office. He usually just grunts and briefly eyes me and then continues with his work.

Today however, he wanted me to go through this application form he had. I took a couple of minutes going through the small details and then went through each section of the form with him. After the task, I excused myself from his office and went back to my desk.
On my way back, his secretary called me back to his office. I thought I might have missed a point he wasn’t absolutely sure about. It turns out he wanted to give me a model plane as thanks for helping him. A 1:100 scaled E190 commercial airplane.

Sooooooooo random……………. But cool nonetheless…

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