Healthy mind, healthy body…

Earlier today, I got a dose of good news.
During lunch time at Cosmed, there is a promotional event prompting for healthier living and healthier bodies. My friends were telling me I should go there for a check up yesterday, which I did.

Well guess what… I had good news, after the examination today, I’ve learned that I’ve increased my body mass whilst still keeping my fat to muscle ratio low. My new BMI is 20.7 which means I’m in the healthy zone. And the measurements gave me an estimated body age of 19 years old. That’s almost a decade younger than my age now… lol… Booyah!!! The other guys had estimated ages of 36 and 45… haha… and they’re younger than me. But I can see they’ve been trying also… cause we sometimes go out exercising together. I think, if you try to stay healthy… you reallycan make a difference and revitalise your body.

Finally, I have achieved one thing in my NYR (new years resolution). First time ever! It really feels nice being able to cross something off a NYR list… >”<
I am happy… =)

  1. good job~~~~

    • Thanks…. btw… I still read yours… but I never know what to say cause most of those places I’ve never been… lol.

      • lol thats fine thanks for reading 😀 Emily said the other day that my blog posts are like a old man ranting about stuff he’s eaten…hahaha =p I need to find a new publishing format i guess!

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