Hmmm… ^o)

Okay, so I am not one to judge or criticise. If you have the heart, the motivation, the determination, the will… then by all means… GO for it!!! People who go to the park, the gym, the streets to exercise… I root for you!

It’s just that… well… the other day when I was on my regular circuit run out on the tracks… I happen to pass another fellow runner. He was a triple plus size man and you can see him trying really hard to exercise as he’s running to loud blaring music through his headphones. Brilliant, I thought. Another fellow runner who cares about his health. It was only as I ran closer past him as he trudges along at his own pace until I heard what song it was.

“You’re beautiful~ You’re beautiful~ You’re beautiful, it’s true~”

Now you see… the whole image along with the music just somehow rubs me the wrong way… and I can only make the weird quizzical look on my facial expression. It just seems too overly clichéd. I can only assume he doesn’t actually know what the song is singing about, only that the song itself sung by James Blunt is something he can run to and is comfortable. That’s my only conclusion.
Again, I ran past him a second time… and by mere coincidence… the chorus plays yet again…
I sometimes do wonder if I really am living my life in a drama/comedy…


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