Spontaneous flu



I hate, hate, hate, being sick. I can assume no one else really enjoys being sick either. But it is that state that you are left in when your sick. That vulnerability, that weakness. The disparity between health and sickness becomes a whole lot more apparent especially when sickness has the upper hand. You may have difficulty breathing, difficulty moving, difficulty sleeping… Thus practically limiting to your right to live out your life with ease. When there is some ailment which hinders your daily pleasures and joy, it dampens your mood entirely. Hence this post may sound slightly sad and emo.

I always hated being sick in the first place, but when I had finally gotten myself to be healthier, it really feels like a sucker punch in the gut when you get sick. What’s more, I don’t even know how I had gotten sick. I usually have an idea over how. This time round, I really have been keeping myself appropriately clothed, even amidst this humid and hot weather, a literal walking sauna I tell you! My only guess was that I went out late on Saturday night, and didn’t go to bed till the wee hours of the morning. That’s a pretty good indication, but seriously… are you for real? Just merely walking out in public? Guess that was just a stroke of bad luck.

Okay, if anything random and humorous actually came out of this ordeal was that last night, in my brink of a fever-like state, I had a dream about me pitching insane twister curve balls that no one in the world has yet to master. Yep, that’s me… Master baseball pitcher! Then I made it into the national team and we absolutely killed every team we faced. All throughout this dream, every movement was seriously realistic and I personally couldn’t believe I was actually pulling off these twister curve balls also. Guess they’re called a fantasy and a dream for a reason… Haha…

  1. lol get well soon dude… and by the way, sickness is not always tied with infections and what not, its more like your body’s way of getting you to get some rest 🙂

    • Yeah, you’re totally right. I should try to listen to my body more… @.@
      Thought I could handle.. haha..

      • could also be those nasty huge black mosquitoes passing around a virus XD you never know aye… but yea enjoy the rest so you can carry on training that 19year old body of yours hehe

      • Haha.. thanks… it is a high possibility…
        Ahh… NZ… from here, it really seems like it’s the safest place on earth…

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