If you had the cheat codes to life?

Okay, I’m going to pose a pretty random question.
What if you were given the cheat codes to life, would you use it?

I mean seriously, this thing doesn’t exactly exist. But I remember playing this game like 5 years ago. Okay, I think it was 10 years ago, but anyway… I thought that it was like the coolest and the most fun game in the world. A friend of mine so happened to have these mods which trick the game into thinking there were these special items and spells… and it made the player insanely powerful. Afterwards, I cleared through the entire game with ease.

It recently made me wonder. because of the mod, I eventually found the game boring and pointless. And it made the game completely luck based instead of skill based with some element of luck. So if this was mirrored into a real life scenario, would it make life boring? Would it make people try less? Would you simply just enjoy your life with ease and watch others struggle? Or would you still work hard to make the most of it, even with the cheats?

I have heard of people, who after winning first division prizes in lotto give up everything that was their previous life, and practically live off the newly won prize. But at the end of the day, does it actually satisfy them? I don’t know. Maybe it would for some people, and it wont for others. That would be my conclusion.

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