The fun in volunteering work…

What at first, had been a chance to give back to the community since our time here as alternative serviceman is routine, I was deeply surprised by the entire event. Our original intentions for the event were that we had hoped we could make the most of our time here. We wanted to make our time here in Nantou valuable and memorable, and I felt that this was a great opportunity to do exactly that.

This was a chance to give back to a greater social community. I thought about how I had received various types of opportunity when I was younger, yet I had never really given it much thought as to how they had came to be. Why would people, strangers even, willingly give their time and patience without ever wanting anything in return? What they had offered is far greater than many things that money can buy. Learning about the culture, the passing-on of knowledge, and new experiences… all of which are difficult to obtain. The foreign element makes the experience exceptionally unique for the kids.

The both of us set about our tasks. Jay organizing the entire summer rugby camp, whereas I planned the routines and the practice contents. As a team, it had been exciting to see our work come together to become a stimulating summer camp event for the kids. The kids who attended were from neighboring primary schools, 光復國小 (Guanfu Primary) and 虎山國小 (Hushan Primary) in this community. They were from unprivileged and lower socio-economic environments, which makes the camp all the more valuable for these kids. The opening ceremony was remarkable. Thanks to the servicemen from Executive Yuan, the exhibition left the crowd dazzled. The well orchestrated show, lead by the hosts and director captivated the crowded who lead high skilled performance one after another. There were professional singers, a stage magician performer, and a couple of skilled stage performers specializing in acrobatics, clown theatrics and juggling. They were great openers for our holiday camp. The kids were quite pumped after the event. They even sang along with some of the popular song covers that the singers were singing.

During the week, as the kids knew more and more about the game of touch rugby, they began to get excited for the game. We had warm up exercises with music, played mini-games to familiarize with others, and had training practices to harness their ball handling skills throughout the week. Our aim was to get the kids involved and excited in the game as much as possible. It did take awhile for them to grasp the concept of the game. Nonetheless, seeing the laughter, the smiles, the struggles as well as the frustrations at not scoring a point in the game was proof enough that we succeeded in offering a memorable experience for them to take away.

On the last day, we set out for Taichung’s ScienceMuseum for a field-trip to finish. It was a great feat and accomplishment! Most relics in the museum weren’t exactly tasteful for the kids and they had gotten quite bored with it very quickly. After giving them the chance for freedom and independence (with our supervision of course) to various exhibitions, they scattered away throughout the museum like a jar of marbles falling to the ground. And as a treat for lunch, we ate McDonalds for lunch together. The longer I spent time with them; I better got to know them. Teaching them, laughing with them, and playing with them, they grew on me over the time. This made the end of the day, all the more sadder.

From this experience, I felt I had learned a lot more than I had intended and that this shall be a memory I will forever cherish. I would like to thank my partner Jay, the schools, and the kids for having the chance to do something different.

  1. so… want to have a kid of your own yet? 😀

    • Lol… as cute as they can be… I can’t dictate the when…
      Time will come when it comes…
      How are you coming along? haha…

      • lol not yet dude… not yet.. XD

        And +1 on Josi’s comment, good job on making those kids smile!

  2. good on you allen 🙂 the best “jobs” are the ones that make others smile 🙂

    • lol yeah… totally… its nice to have a wider variety of experience. keep up the good work people!

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