Weak promises…

“Don’t make promises that you can’t keep…”

Or so I had learned at a very young age. The root of those words were reinforced by both my parents and my teachers. Yet, I can say with much confidence that the value of a promise kept promise is worth as much as a few drinks in a bar or a couple pills of neglect. Either way, it’s not very much… as I slowly learned many of my lessons the hard way through growing up. Did my teachers and my parents lie to me? Of course they did not. But it seems everybody’s definition of promises, big and small, varies.

To me, integrity…¬†trustworthiness… principle… they mean everything to me. But all too often, I’ve had and heard shallow promises thrown about like an old cleaning rag. Barely good enough to clean up the spills on the table but it does do its job… as rough as it may seem. If we take for granted the small things are in life… how can we expect much more from even greater things? Small things like, ‘I’ll call you later tonight’ or ‘you will get your money by tomorrow’ may not mean much if they are delayed or if they ever happen at all. But what happens if major corporate companies did that… or banks saying that your money is safe with them. People will not tolerate for such carelessness. These issues may seem that they are on a totally different scale of seriousness… but correct me if I’m wrong, but it is possible that these are the very people who work at those kinds of companies. Pretty unacceptable if you ask me.

Promises are like a verbal contract. They are not legally binding, but when you do make them, it basically means that you are putting your character and value on the line. For some people, it does not mean much. Look at the statistics for divorces caused in marriages due to cheating. Last time I record, people say their vows in marriages. Vows!!! Doesn’t it mean anything even after a few years? Obviously not everyone is like this… but it’s always the minority that ruins it for the majority. I don’t know…

I just wish that more people made their words count in this world…

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