Operationja Update: MIA

Okay… just a really quick update.

Might sound like an excuse… okay… it probably is one… but I have been pretty busy as well as been trying to keep myself occupied. But really, I have tried to start a post here and there. Some of them ending up to become drafts for a later date… 5 to be precise. A couple of them was because I ran out of time to write them up or finish them… the rest well… I’m going to blame it on the oldest and greatest nemesis… the writers block D:

There has also been occasions where I’ve opened up a new posts page… stare at it for a good minute, let it settle to digest the ideas, move onto other things… and then eventually… I have to go and all I can do is hit the discard button. Mmm… I really hate hitting the discard button to a complete blank page. It’s like saying I had the intention but then made no effort to project those thoughts into action and in the end, equals nothing being done. Actually, that’s exactly how it is… ahh… I’m so ashamed.

However, with these excuses, it doesn’t mean I have wasted the time away. During the separation away, I’ve made some new friends, as well as familiarised with my work pretty well. Now that I get to be in the big boy’s seat, people actually come to me to ask how things are or how it’s done or what to do. Feels nice being able to be here. Nonetheless, I shall move on to other things in the future… hopefully greater and better!

I hit a low mood late last week which came out of nowhere. So far everything had been going well. I’m guessing it’s just to balance how well things have been going.

Hmm.. still many things I want to say, but I guess I shall leave it for later…

Time is short…

Time waits for no one…

Time to get real~

  1. yeah you’re not getting any younger, find a girl and settle already XD

    • Haha… I didn’t see you rush when you were my age… Also, didn’t someone say fine men are like fine wine… the just get better with age?

      I guess the time isn’t right, right now…

  2. Is writing about writer’s block helping you get over your writer’s block? Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new “place” in life! 🙂

    • Haha.. you mean like how you did in yours? I think mainly for me, I just need more time.. i mean quiet time to type everything all up. I’m more annoyed about forgetting ideas than the writers block.. heh

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