Pre-discharge mood…

Before this date actually happens, I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings here…

For a ceremonious date which I had been looking forward to all year, I am currently not feeling all too happy about it. To me, this makes no logical sense but yet I understand why. I had been all to eager to finally be rid of this place. I mean c’mon… A whole year! I have been waiting for that very day. But in that time… things have changed.

I’ve made many new friends, I’ve made an undesirable place feel comfortable, I’ve struggled through many challenges one after another and my accomplishments further signifies my efforts. I believe change is good. It is always good to see things changing for the better. But because of all that has happened, I have some real mix feelings about it all.

For some newly made friends, I wish it would last longer. I know they will not just ‘disappear’ … but it wont ever be the same as it was. I’ve experienced similar situations in the past. In our attempt to overcome these challenges, we had have some good times, hefty laughs, and great food.

Time that’s been has felt both fast and slow, now that I think back. Guess I did make my time worthwhile. Am proud of myself for that. I’ve learnt so much here and I really appreciate all that has helped me along the way. I wont forget… even the small things.

As I stare blankly out into nothingness… daydreaming… my junior begins to remind me… ‘stop sighing!!!’

Can’t help it dude… natural reaction…

  1. Hey Allen. I’m proud of you for your perseverance, and glad that you are able to turn back, look at it, and appreciate all the things during this time.

    It’s always difficult to leave a place that you’ve grown used to, and enjoyed the company of. Yes, it won’t be the same, but who says it won’t be better? New ways of keeping in touch, new places to hang, new life ahead?

    What are you going to do after?

    • Heh, thanks jos~
      I guess the same could be said for yourself… haha…
      For now, will take a break… then look for a job… then get a smartphone maybe… exactly in that order.

      • Haha, ditto. We should talk sometime~

        What kind of jobs will you be looking for? And YES please. Then we can whtasapp…. 😀 lol.

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