Real men…

Today, I was browsing the internet and I came across a comment someone had left to a guy who had written about how he found his lost diary from his childhood. It had read:

“Real men don’t keep diaries. We bottle up our feelings and use it as fuel to work harder.”

The comment resonated with me a bit so I was somewhat compelled to write something about it. Hah…
I find that it’s both stern yet humorous at the same time. Even though the comment didn’t really address the story, it was such a typical meat-headed response. But within that, I found many truths. Why is that?

It seems to be quite common for girls to keep diaries, but if a guy had done the same then they are considered pansies. Reasoning being, if you’re spending time writing a diary, then you’re probably not spending that time outside playing in the field or a sport, more or less. I know I didn’t keep a diary when I was younger, but now that I reflect back, I kinda wished had. I know I have many memories which seem totally distant to the life I do have now… they feel alien… as if they didn’t belong to me. But I know they do.

But that comment above. It’s not entirely stupid. I’m not one, so I can’t exactly speak for females, but for guys… when you do bottle your feelings, it gives you more energy, a stronger conviction to push yourself to be better, to try harder, to strive to win… maybe even to the point of ‘at all costs‘. But if you just do not care, whether it be irrelevant (or so you think to yourself), disregarding to anything about you, or that you actually just let all your emotions catch up to you and you set it free… only one result happens. Which is…. exactly nothing. Nothing will happen… except maybe you feel just that little much better about yourself.

But there’s nothing wrong with that. A lil TLC for yourself is great… and is something that many people still need to remember to do once in awhile. But if self-TLC is your go to option for all the wrongs in your life…

Well then buddy…

Good Luck~

    • Me
    • November 19th, 2012

    I think I briefly kept a diary when I was in my teens, it was probably just a phase as I never kept it up but I wish that I had, I cannot remember a lot of what I did, where or when I did it or whim I did it with and it would be nice to have a record of it to look back on. However writing ones innermost thoughts, fears, desires down on paper, paper that can be found and read by someone else, not really a good idea (perhaps). I even had a livejournal account which I kept for about 9 years but I deleted it (a lot of mess in there).

    I am actually thinking about doing it again, not under my current blog but under another, it would be literally a rundown of a day and probably not very interesting to anyone but me.

    As for the original comment you responded to, I agree it is a meat headed comment and I don’t think bottling things up make you stronger, I think it makes you feel unhappy and alone. That said I find it difficult to express my feelings, especially face to face with friends and family.

    • Of course. I know one would need to be able to somehow have an outlet to anything that’s bottled, otherwise it will exploded eventually. Hence I think what most people do is to channel that energy into something/somewhere else instead of letting their emotions loose onto someone else.

      I also had an open diary-like journal blog during my graduate years, but the thing with being too far emotionally open in that kinda place is generally hazardous. Cause for most strangers, it doesn’t really mean much… but for people who are involved… well I’m sure you get the picture. It got a bit nasty, so I completely abandoned it.
      Haha… It’s nice to be young and naive…

    • Me
    • November 19th, 2012

    yeah my live journal was like that an honest (in my eyes) look at things, feelings, thoughts etc all laid bare. People said they liked it because it was “real” to them, and Initially I was anon to them and it was ok, but as I got to know people better it was more difficult to do (and get away with lol).

    I suppose even my blog now has an element of that, but not as much, really you should never write anything down in public that you would find people you know finding out. I think I’ve still to stick to my own advise in that sometimes.

    My experience with the journal didn’t get nasty as you say yours did, that would have probably put me off of journalling for life.

    • Okay… nasty was probably not the most appropriate word, but friends always wanted you to take their side in those situations. Henceforth, you were always wrong no matter how you decided to go…

      I think however, at the end of the day, just keep writing… you’ll bound to get it right eventually… haha…

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