Hey Uncle…

For people who have large families, it happens sometimes that you may have an uncle or an aunt who is a decade or two, younger or older. Some people may not have met their elder-descent relatives because they have not been born or have already passed away. These people… will not understand how I feel or what I’m talking about when I’m in my ripe young age of roughly my late twenties.

Many of my friends and colleagues are also around my age. However, many of them are already married and some of them have kids. Not just babies… but toddlers, pre-schoolers, and some primary schoolers’ even. In the Asian culture, it is considered polite to have the kids acknowledge their elders when they meet. So when catching up with with one of them one time they ask their kids to call me uncle

OK now… hold up!!! I gotta put a large pause button on the whole situation before we go any further. My mind does a double-take the very first time. Did I just hear the ‘U’ – word used on me?

In my heart and in my mind… I still feel like I’m still fresh out from Uni. I take a look into the mirror and I see I still look the same, maybe not as flimsy as before, but still roughly the same. My friends agree as well.

I protest! I say to them, “Hey look here, I’m not that old. Just elder brother is fine… No need going on further to the level of uncle, okay?” However, they replied something of the similar. “Well you ARE an uncle to them. You’re roughly a couple of decades older. So if saying that you’re just an elder brother really doesn’t cut it anymore. Do you still call your relatives and friends who are in their forties and fifties now, ‘brother’ or you call them uncle?”

Point taken… and I absolutely got shot down. So yeah… lets face it… we’re now all aunties and uncles. Reminder to self, I gotta stop using that word on other people now… or else it’ll make them even older… lol… I forget my age sometimes to be honest. Maybe that too is a sign of age.

  1. Welcome to the UNCLE bracket… hahaha 😀

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