Extrinsic Motivators do not work for the creative…

I was just listening to a TED talk that had been extremely fascinating. I didn’t catch the start of it, so I didn’t find out who the speaker was, but the topic was about how extrinsic motivators are not great ways to encourage creative productivity. As a more simpler and diluted version, I will narrate some of the things that were said. He described several examples whereby different experimental groups were given greater incentives for producing fastest and the best results. What was really interesting was that the group that were offered the greatest extrinsic incentives actually had the worst times and results, in comparison to the groups that were offered little or no extrinsic incentive.

Apparently, creativity cannot be produced effectively by offering greater extrinsic offerings. To truly drive the more complex and complicated creative aspects of the brain, he states that scientists believes that the participants require ‘Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose’ intrinsic values to move towards the more effective direction. He had mentioned that there were some companies around the world that implemented strategies that allowed for greater autonomy, mastery, and purpose. He said there were some companies, such as Google that allowed their employees 20% of the time to do whatever work they wanted. There was another company that allowed their employees to not have to follow a schedule. They had no obligation to attend any meetings, nor be in the office, or at work… as long as they got the job done. Allowing the people to choose when they did things allowed the freedom of their own planning, and apparently productivity went up.

Anyways, I found the talk really interesting. Whilst I may not agree with everything the guy had said, he did prove a pretty valid case. Thanks for listening…

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