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Guardian Angels

Having the faith and the peace of mind that this special someone or something is there and is looking out for you is great. As all of us know, in life we encounter the many ups and the many downs that are thrown at us. Who wouldn’t want to have a divine protector who understands us and keep us away from harms way? When we believe that we have a miraculous Guardian Angel entity who catches us or steers us away from harm, and who celebrates or supports us in times of joy, it gives us the strength to move forward and the courage to overcome difficulties. Because we understand that we are not alone, it lets us know that all will be okay…

Yet what happens when your special guardian does not agree on your views, your needs, or your wants? They care for you, they want you to do what is right, they do not want you to get hurt in any way possible… even if it’s against your beliefs or desires? What then? Are they still considered your guardian angels? Is every kind of protection from pain the best way to mill through life? When the life you lead somehow becomes dictated, and you are not ‘allowed’ to make your own life’s choices — even if they aren’t the best choices…? What then… ?

What is the line that separates them from being true angels or just another big brother? For what reasons or circumstances would they be considered a blessing or a curse? Whether it’s for protection or for further engaging with life and its choices, both are still considered forms of love… So who is to say which type of love should trump the other…?

…or in the end, we are all a bit frazzled and confused just like Rapunzel.

But then again… she wouldn’t have gotten to known Flynn Rider!!!!

When I felt lost…

I found this lil note wedged in between my work diary from last year. I pulled it out and had a read.
I thought it would be nice to share with you guys.

“It’s difficult to see the end of the tunnel when there is so much going on. The glare disrupts what is actually perceived and clouds the mind like a heavy thunderstorm. It is hard to give a proper judgement. Even harder when you want to believe in fantasies.

Even though there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer, mistakes are possible. And when those happen, it would make you believe that there really are such things as having right or wrong answers.

Let me ask you this. Is it possible to regret things that you have no control over, yet they somehow still affect you?”


I can’t really remember what I was writing about, but I can still find myself in these kinds of situation till this day. I guess I still haven’t found an appropriate answer to deal with these situations. I know that sometimes, things don’t need to have a right or wrong. It’s just that I would like to know if what I’m doing, what I’ve decided, that I am moving in the right direction, that I’m walking down the right path so that I can stop falling over. Cause after falling over so many times, it’s beginning to hurt… you know what I mean?

P.S. And it’s not that I haven’t learnt my lessons when I make a mistake okay. There just seems to be new problems that arises when you have solved the previous ones.

Virgo Advice


Virgo Horoscope advice Feb, 5th 2014

Feeling the effects of today’s energies, Virgo? Take heart if this is the case, because the end of the tunnel isn’t as far away as it seems. Do your best to take things one step at a time and see about making some plans for a little fun this evening. Get together with friends or take in a movie. Help yourself feel better by staying busy and focused and follow up with some recreation. Before you know it, the aspect will pass and you’ll be back to normal.


This is the problem with me… I must have read this horoscope on the day and thought it was so compelling, so truthful, so insightful… and so I go ahead and saved it in my drafts…

Weeks later… months later even… it’s not until I’m sitting up awake at 5 am in the morning not able to fall back asleep and I turn back to find this piece above still sitting in my draft box and completely clueless as to why I had thought this was so compelling, so truthful, so insightful… that I had to paste it down and write something about it. And what had probably happened was I had gotten a call from a friends and forgotten about it afterwards. Or maybe I had it sitting on my screen for 2 hours wondering what to type or to make creative or interesting… Or maybe… I felt so emotionally fatigued at the time that I knew I wanted to address it but I didn’t have any energy to do it properly at the time, so hence I saved it and left. Yeah… that was probably it.

I mean I can slowly work it out.
I take out my calendar and I start working from the date shown. Feb the 5th. That was during Chinese New Years. CNY is always a festive and celebratory season. I was obviously at home during that break. I guess that I was feeling really down. So down that I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. It probably wasn’t a tunnel I’m imagining. It was probably more like a hole, a deep well… possible a deep dark whirlpool that sucked all life and happiness down into its nightmarish darkness, never to have any light to escape from its grasp. Yeah… that’s probably it. A deep, dark, heavy pool… and to see this at the time must have given me hope. New hope to continue to move on, and to know that light and brighter days are ahead of me still.

Sitting here, I think back… It feels like it’s been such a long time since then. But really… it was only months ago. Okay… 4 months is awhile… but yeah… one hell of a roller-coaster ride these last few months. Definitely there were some highs amongst the many lows. Some of those memories, I will never forget forever… some I will cherish, others I will learn from. Another lesson in growing up I guess…

One thing I’m still trying to grasp in life is why some people do or say things that are totally against who they are and against their beliefs. I understand it a bit more now… but it still puzzles me nonetheless.

I really should try a new tone in my writing… preferably to sound excited or positive. Maybe something I will work on in the future. I always plan and say that I would write more yet I have these big awkward gaps in between.

I am sorry about that.