Guardian Angels

Having the faith and the peace of mind that this special someone or something is there and is looking out for you is great. As all of us know, in life we encounter the many ups and the many downs that are thrown at us. Who wouldn’t want to have a divine protector who understands us and keep us away from harms way? When we believe that we have a miraculous Guardian Angel entity who catches us or steers us away from harm, and who celebrates or supports us in times of joy, it gives us the strength to move forward and the courage to overcome difficulties. Because we understand that we are not alone, it lets us know that all will be okay…

Yet what happens when your special guardian does not agree on your views, your needs, or your wants? They care for you, they want you to do what is right, they do not want you to get hurt in any way possible… even if it’s against your beliefs or desires? What then? Are they still considered your guardian angels? Is every kind of protection from pain the best way to mill through life? When the life you lead somehow becomes dictated, and you are not ‘allowed’ to make your own life’s choices — even if they aren’t the best choices…? What then… ?

What is the line that separates them from being true angels or just another big brother? For what reasons or circumstances would they be considered a blessing or a curse? Whether it’s for protection or for further engaging with life and its choices, both are still considered forms of love… So who is to say which type of love should trump the other…?

…or in the end, we are all a bit frazzled and confused just like Rapunzel.

But then again… she wouldn’t have gotten to known Flynn Rider!!!!

  1. Well, following my buddhist line of belief, we have our ‘habits’ which, coupled with the karmic burden in the form of ’cause/ seeds’, are waiting for their ‘opportunity / nutrient’ to take effect in real life i.e. ‘effect / bloom’. The guardian angel can be interpreted as the ‘good’ karmic burdens we’ve accumulated and steer us away from potentially ‘bad’ events; even though they may seem like a curse when you first encounter it. What we need and what we want are usually not the same, and I guess only determinable through hindsight really unless one has achieved some level of enlightenment.

    The ‘love’ shared by guardian angels and big brother for you – if we reinterpret this using the karmic burden concept – would be grouped as just that, and all forms a part of our ‘destiny’. That is, unless we decide to change that… that’s like another book though 😛 I would say that we should appreciate whatever love we get, because there are probably dozens of others that have to live without this kind of attention elsewhere in the world!

    Even if the love we get thrown at us is burdening us… that is another book too 🙂

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