Catch 22

Earlier today, my colleague was discussing an issue with me. Our team currently are in a bit of a catch 22. If we push for one of the issues, it will make our work easier to follow but will make every other team we work with very difficult and a hassle for them. Yet on the other hand, if we stay silent and carry on as it is, we face a lot of missing data and communication as well as inconsistency within our records.

Whichever result we reach, we will still get the short end of the straw. Tough break.

She then replied me, all we can do is carry on and see how much we can do and cover. In response to her, I said ‘Every candle only has a certain length of wick.’

She was pretty intrigued by this statement. ‘Very deep’, she said. ‘I would like to remember this. But regarding our current situation, fizzling out isn’t the best option for us.’

I nod in agreement. ‘Well…’ I replied, ‘you could be a dynamite instead of a candle instead’.

She laughed.

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