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First update in 2015

Hey Guys,

Looks like it’s the first post here for 2015. I haven’t really had much time to … “daydream”? If that’s what you would call it. Gotta get my inspiration from somewhere right? The reason behind the absence however, is that I’ve just been so busy with work. Every day it feels like work, then bed, work, then bed. And almost nothing in between apart from eating.

Groundhogs day!

But it’s not like before as I do like my job and enjoy what I do. That difference between liking what you do and not liking it but having to still put in the long hours is just immensely different. But still, if one can help it, it would be better if they do not need to spend so long on their work.

I wanted to do a new year’s resolution thing earlier this year. But I’ve been really busy with work since October last year. It hasn’t really cooled down till about now. Just a bit surprised I guess. It doesn’t matter where you go, there will always be complicated and annoying issues that we have to deal with. Guess that’s what I signed up for when I accepted this job anyways.

Being in a totally different industry allows me to experience things I never actually thought of before and it gives me a chance to learn an abundance of new things… which I might at is quite interesting, just that I never really had any real interest in it before.

Anyways, that’s just a brief update about how things are for me… I really would like to write about other things or thoughts. So for now, I will leave it here.

Still alive guys!