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Thoughts for James 8/31

Dear James,

I’m really tired and drained. You know that I have tried my best. And even though that it’s all I can ask of myself, it still is not enough. I’ve been through many difficulties in the past. No matter the result, I have always came out stronger. I used to think that this is a good thing. Being stronger means that I can deal with more things better. But I don’t believe getting stronger is getting me anywhere anymore. It’s kinda like gathering materials needed to build a super-yacht or something. Bigger, better, and more rigged to ride the rough waves. The thing is… maybe all I want is to drift upstream a river.

Do I really need such a big boat?

New Hobbies

I really need to find some new hobbies. Any of the usual things I do lately, I get bored really easily. Things that did entertain me for a while, take my iPad for example, feels so empty. I pick it up… look at it… click on an app button, takes 10s to load, and the next thing I know I’m closing the flap and putting it down.

Need to find something else to fill that emptiness…