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Outside In…

*** WARNING Will be going into some of the plot of Inside Out – Pixar movie.***

When I first saw the trailer for Inside Out like last year, I knew I wanted to watch this movie. It wasn’t so much that the trailer was interesting or appealing. I was just intrigued at how they would actually create a whole movie about a person’s personality.

Now that it’s finally out, I took a chance to go watch it from beginning to end. I must say that the story line was nothing I had imagined. If I knew that they were going down the emotional pathway, I would’ve better prepared myself. But then again, I guess I wasn’t using my brain. C’mon right… we’re talking about personality traits in the mind. Of course there will be emotions.

Before the movie even started, I knew the main characters of the movie. There was Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. My first thoughts were 1) why was there only 1 positive emotion compared to the other¬†4 more “negative” emotions? 2) Disgust? Of all the other emotions I can think of (such as love, envy/jealousy, happiness, wonder, nervousness, happy) to name a few, why would they pick Disgust as a main character? 3) I can’t exactly imagine the story of the movie going anywhere out of the ordinary. Maybe some comedy, some music, something touching, some conflict etc. etc. Actually, for those people that have seen this movie and the movie “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”, I had actually pictured it to be something between that and the ending tidbit of this movie. The bits of the camera going into all the different character’s mind and their personality that controls them.

Yeah, so anyways… at the beginning, I thought that Joy had a really hard time. She had a lot of things to deal with, and basically everyone relied on her mostly as Joy describes it — having happy memories leads to a happy day, which leads to a happy week, to a happy month, to a happy year, to a happy life. This is what I believe what everyone’s purest mantra at their core. To live a happy life right?

And then there was sadness. As if the movie was reading my mind right there and then, she was indeed annoying. Everything about her was negative, and yet you cannot remove her. She was just always there. And Sadness would just touch the joyful memories out of her own will. When she kept doing that, I too felt annoyed as Joy wondering why she kept touching it when she had been repeatedly told not to. Sadness replied “I know that, but I just can’t help it.” This resonated with me a bit. It’s true. Even when I’m telling my mind that I want to be happy, I need to be happy, I choose to be happy, sadness was always¬†there in the corner no matter what. In the first half hour, you can see how hard Joy is trying to keep Sadness at bay.

That is where the real story begins. Where Joy and Sadness find themselves lost and stuck outside of their control tower. They try their best to get Joy back as soon as possible… cause as you know, without Joy, the person cannot be happy. In their endeavor, Joy and Sadness workout their differences and really learn to respect each other.

There were bits of humor in there, to me personally, there were many emotional hidden messages in the story and their actions. I think the movie did a really great job also at trying to appeal to more mature audience as well as making it suitable for a fun and quirky movie for kids. I also like the ending and how they resolved the entire situation.

By the end of the movie, I was satisfied that all 3 of my early questions could be sated and explained in the movie. Disgust really is a main character also… Hah!

My rating for this movie is a 10/10. Trust me… this is rare for me.