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Coffee Talks @5pm

Being after CNY, today had been a really slow day at work. There was just a tinge of “I just don’t feel like being here” kinda vibe today at the office. Which was why I asked a colleague to have coffee with me.

Sheryl has been really special to me ever since I had the opportunity to get to know her. She’s one of the few people that I know who would say “OMG, I’m so glad the holidays are over. I can’t wait to get back to work. I miss the office so much…” hahaha~~~ But that’s story for another time.

Other than our usual talks, she was talking to me about relationships and marriage this time round. She was telling me that things were smooth sailing in her relationship with her husband up until after her marriage. I am always positive in my belief of relationships, and I reply that it takes a long time to truly get to know someone, so people shouldn’t rush into marriage. She counters me by saying that many things are just different afterwards that people cannot plan for. I can’t really pretend to understand what it is like from her position cause I’ve never actually been in that situation, so I politely nod.

I told her that the relationship that I believe in is one where both parties try to find compromises with each other, because not everyone is perfectly made for each other and that’s what needs to be considered if a relationship is to carry on forward. So I said, “it doesn’t really work if only one of the party is making compromises for the other and while the other does nothing to change.”  She looked me in the eyes and replied, “but that’s exactly what love is. You love the other for who they are regardless if they feel like they want to change or not…”

She had me there. Cause I also believe that too. Maybe I need to rethink my take on all of this…

To S & T

Last night, Selph messaged me and told me that T popped the question to her and they were gonna get engaged. Two of my best friends finally tying the knot after 10 years since I’ve known them. We all knew that this was bound to happen, but they’ve been together for so long, that none of us were really expecting it.

When she told me, I was so happy. This was one of the most amazing news I’ve heard in a while. Yet as it slowly sunk in, it kinda made me sad. How many of my close friends have I missed. So many of them have gotten married or are about to get engaged, and I’ve missed every single one. Yes, I’ve attended some of them, but only if the reception was somewhere in the local area. It pains me personally not actually being there and supporting them in such momentous parts of their life.

I’ve been to a few weddings over these few years. But none of which really meant all that much to me. There were a few that were relatives, one of them being a cousin of mine. There were work colleagues wedding, and there were also friends of friend’s that I had attended. So many of these events which would have actually meant something to me, I have actually missed. Talk about priorities right? I’m such a failure in that respect. The only one that I made and did something about was the one for Mike and Janet, and even then that was cause they hosted an additional reception here where I was. I know that things have been difficult for me and being far away from everybody else, especially over the past half a decade, but I know I could’ve done more. Sometimes, even though your heart could be in the right place, it really doesn’t matter if you made no effort to begin with.

I know it’s a personal decision to choose not to use FB, because society has now grown around it and has somewhat become dependent of it, I’ve basically excluded myself from all my friends who do use it. Dunno, it just sux how things have come to be…