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I can slowly feel that I am getting worn out. Bit by bit. It wasn’t so obvious before, but now I feel like I’m always tired. Even a restful weekend was not enough to recuperate my strength, energy, and my enthusiasm. Things are slowly grinding itself into a norm. I’m still busy as bees but there is just not much that excites me. I do want to move into some thing different, but some changes scare me now. I never used to be like this, but I can begin to feel what others call stress and worry.

I was always pretty sure of myself, where I’d be, what I want to do, things that I am looking forward to. But now it feels like if I can savor the present moment, everything will just get up from there asses and flutter away on perfect white wings of freedom. Yes, wings of freedom… that seems to be what many people are searching for. I’m not really bound to anything right now, yet why am I looking for freedom, the same kind that everyone surrounding me is searching for. Maybe their attitudes are rubbing off of me and it’s not something that I would like to pick up. I’m sick of playing their little games and I’m sick of their attitudes. I really do hope things will get better for a change.