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Rawr Rage!

I think that I am normally quite a nice and friendly person.
No, let me rephrase that… say if I come across a stranger, and if I had accidentally bumped him/her, I would politely apologise. Regardless of whose fault or carelessness it was. Or say if I had been walking towards a doorway and I noticed that someone was on their way in/out, I would more than likely give them the righter way either by showing an open gesture or by holding the door open for them to allow them to pass through first. I definitely would consider myself to be a polite and considerate individual…

HOWEVER!!! Not sure if it’s just my primal instincts rearing its ugly head, but when I’m driving… (that is when I’m on the roads in a motor vehicle), I demand people to abide by the road rules and not the imaginary one that had somehow magically popped into their heads. When I say this, I use the term loosely, cause sometimes I understand that you sometimes have to watch out for your own safety… and if you need to go first, then you go first. If you need to let the poor little Nissan March pass by or it’ll get hit by the oncoming 2-tonne truck even though you do have the righter way, then you let the little March pass (considering there isn’t a train of cars travelling at 100 kmh behind you). What I’m saying there are minor exceptions in situations being terminal close calls or extreme disasters. But it is too often that I’ve seen cases which must cease… unless showing off your ignorance on the public roads is your thing. I must admit, courtesy sometimes goes out the window here, but the road rules are supposedly there to guide ones own safety. I mean everyone’s safety, if everyone did abide by it.

But look here, people. Too many clueless/careless individuals are out there on the roads. They’re just catastrophes waiting to happen eventually! I don’t care if your excuses to drive at ultra-speeds bypassing cars mere centimeters from yours as if you’re in some kind of racing video game on the public high way, because whether:
a) Your girlfriend is pregnant or you need to get home to get her to be
b) Your house is on fire
c) You don’t know how to read the speed signs or your speedometer (either/or)
d) The Apple store is having a free giveaway
e) You wet your pants, and you need a new pair from home
f) You’re driving the latest Ferrari and you need to test out its POWA!
g) You need to make it home before your favourite drama series is about to air
…you better be rethinking your actions cause you may cause some serious injury.

Whatever!  Subsequently, you could possibly be driving gawd awfully slow (like 40 kmh in a 100 kmh zone and no one can pass you cause your car can magically block three lanes on the expressway) because:
a) You can’t read a map while driving or understand what your GPS is saying
b) You can’t multi-task when you drive and text/call at the same time, (you shouldn’t be texting while driving in the first place… get a bluetooth set)
c) Your kids are bugging you while asking when they’re there yet and playing with your ears
d) You think you’re Goody-two-shoes and a rule-abiding citizen and that by not driving fast, you automatically assumed that you need to drive slow, snails pace even… and since more is better, crawling is the optimal speed for winners~
e) You’re dreading to see your in-laws so you take your own sweet time as well as the hundred people all grudgingly rolling behind you
f) You want to talk to your buddy who is in the other car so you drive parallel with him just to have a golden gay time with each other
g) You simply have no empathy… or common sense… or anything related to the theory of logics
…and understand that by purposely driving exceptionally slow and blocking the entire way means you’re delaying the entire UNIVERSE!

But NO!!! The horror doesn’t stop there… I have seen people blocking your way on purpose just cause they’re driving a truck/bus, you have people making a U-turn in the middle of an intersection cause they obviously own the road. Then you have people who stop in the middle of the street, somehow in their own brilliance blocking both lanes with their car to check whether if they’ve dropped their own pacifiers under the seat or they’re triple checking their maps to make sure they have the right address (which takes a whole 2 minutes) or you get people who attempt to pass cyclists on the side of the road by driving all the way into the oncoming lane and expecting the other lane to dodge and make way for them with no space to go. There are also people who have their headlights on full blast, believing that it’s safer to be on the roads where they can actually see it in the dark oblivious to the fact that no oncoming traffic can actually see what’s in front of them. You may also find some extremely brilliant people who believes that the best and fastest way to make a left turn in a busy intersection is to drive all the way to the far right lane, then attempt to dodge and cross three other middle lanes and make its way for a left turn.

The amount of stupidity that I’ve found on the roads here really astounds me… to a point where I’m sometimes left speechless. My only wish is that I survive this circus of driving acts and come out unscathed. Touch wood… touch wood…