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Lunch Around the Lake

It was like 3 weeks ago when Hen called me out of the blue and said if I wanted to join him and a friend for lunch. Now this was an unexpected surprise as I only had a simple lunch planned that day plus I also skipped breakfast that morning, so was rather hungry. He mentioned that we would have oyseters and I thought, ‘well I hadn’t had that in awhile. Maybe I should go…’ Regardless, I agreed to meet him and am already making my way out the door. Fast forward 15min, I had caught up with him at the building foyer, and he said ‘change of plans. Since it’s such a nice day, we’re going to have an outside lunch. And plus my friend isn’t that hungry.’ He introduced his friend Jen, we made our way to his car, and started heading towards Dahu.

Nearing Dahu lake, he parked on the side of the road and said ‘The restaurant’s just on the other side of that hill.’
‘Wow, so a hidden restaurant overlooking the lake?’ I piped in surprise.
‘Yeah,’ said Hen, ‘I’ve had it a couple of times. A nice little Italian café hidden inside.’
And with that, we marched along the wooden walkway that circled around the lake. We rounded the corner of the hill and there was still no restaurant in sight.’

‘Hey Hen, I thought you said the place is here???’ I asked.
He turned back and said, ‘Yeah, it’s just a lil further ahead.’
Failure to see where further questioning would get me, I decided to admire the scenery around the lake. After another 10min, we started coming up to a road. I’m guessing that this is where the road ended that circled the lake from the other side. Further down the street, I noticed a small restaurant sign swinging in the wind. Making our way towards it, it was evident that the small Italian café was not open that day.
‘Well.…this was unplanned for.’ Hen announced.
With an awkward laugh, I replied ‘so… where’s the next destination?’
‘How about the café on the lake front?’ he gestured to the building on the other side of the lake.

Limited to the options available, Jen & I muted our agreement and started making our way towards our new destination. Another 20min later, we reached the other café and entered. The waiter said they are just preparing the table, and asked us to take a look at the menu first so that we could order as soon as we sat down. I don’t know why it is, but this café had to be the worlds slowest café. They spent another 15min clearing that ONE table, and only afterwards did they usher us to the table. I’m assuming their excuse was that they were heavily understaffed, but it definitely was not professional. Jen took a look at the time and siad, ‘I don’t think I can have lunch anymore. We dunno when the meals will come after we’ve ordered. It’s already 1pm, and I kinda have to get back by 1.30pm today.’ We took a moment looking at each other. Mutually we agreed that we should just get a bento takeaway from another place and leave here now. Just when the waiters and waitresses were looking, we sneaked out the front door and left things as it was. We spent another 20min walking back round the lake to where Hen had parked a car.
In the back of my mind, I was laughing to myself. Can’t believe we spent the entire lunchtime strolling around the lake. Definitely a nice stroll, but totally unplanned for and a waste of time during work.

We bought our lunch back to the office as me and Hen shared and laughed about the experience.

Afternoon at the Mall

My hands reached out towards the power cord hanging on the rack. I looked back up. My friends were browsing some other store next door. So I decided to just continue browsing in the electronic store moving from item to item. Wasn’t long before I lost track of time and my friends were no where to be found.

I ran out and strolled through the different stores looking for my friends. I saw one of them from a reflection off a store upstairs. So I thought, well before I head up to catch up with them, I will just stop over at a cafe to grab a coffee to go. While in line for a coffee, there was an old idealistic lady that was telling some teenage strangers off and giving them an earful.
Young people these days. They have no respect for their elders. Talking away in that gawd awful language and foul mouth. No one respectable would be able to understand…

She continued to grill on them, picking out every stereotypical generalization and berated them while looking down at them with her head tilt slightly back. I wasn’t sure what came over me but I walked over and interrupted her.
I’m not sure what they have done, but I couldn’t help over hearing you. What you are saying to these people isn’t any better than what you’re doing. If you sincerely wanted them to be better citizens and people, be an example and not a #!@$#$…

I might have continued for a while longer. But afterwards, I felt really good about myself and having put that lady in her place. She had been speechless after my interruption, gave me a death stare, before picking up her belongings and huffed out of the cafe.

I too made my way out of the cafe and realized that the most bottom floor of the mall had been flooded with water. It must’ve been pouring with rain on the outside. I was worried that I would lose my friends in the mass of people. So I rushed downstairs to see if I can catch up to them. I saw people paddling in small rowboats down the flooded streets. It was a rather strange sight, but I didn’t really have time to ponder why. As I turned a corner, I had finally found my friends. They were dressed like Janitors and were cleaning up the indoors of some kind of store while singing and acting like clowns. I found it hilarious though. The way they danced, the way they acted, I began laughing hysterically.

It was right then that my subconscious caught myself and questioned, “Hang on… why are you laughing? Why are you happy? This can’t be real.” And then I instantly woke up, lying back in my bed.

What to expect in 2016 for me…

First post of 2016. Things had started off pretty chilled, but I have a feeling that this year will bring about a change for the better. (Just a feeling).

2015 for me went by so fast. I put so much focus on my work. In this year, I learnt so much, but if I honestly reflected back, it was mostly just work. All work and no play makes a pretty dull year. Something I hope to change this year I think. Technically speaking, I’m doing pretty well at the workplace, but sometimes I still feel it just isn’t enough. I feel like I can actually do more. A couple of nights ago, I thought back and reflected on where I am right now. It’s strange though. I am in a pretty comfortable state, but I wasn’t content. I asked myself, what am I actually doing? I must be going wrong somewhere, why else am I still not content? I achieved most of my NYR last year which was better than most of the previous years. And still I think there are still plenty room for improvement.

I think one of the things I am going to work on this year to to try and get involved in more activities and hopefully meet more new people and possibly new friends. I’m finding it’s much harder to make honest friends nowadays. I think as people get older, they get much lazier. I feel the same way actually.  Meeting new people and building a proper relationship actually takes effort. So much work for something that might not be long-term is kinda a waste of time. But really, I’m not doing anything much with it other than spending it on work anyways. So whats the harm.

One thing I need to work on though is to keep at it. That laziness seeps in too easily. Argh! Definitely need to keep it at bay. It’s the bane of my own self-improvement. So I decided, this will be something I will work on this year, and hopefully my efforts will pay off.

Wish me luck.


Nothing good happens after 2am

Just like the episode from ‘How I met your mother’ nothing good happens after 2am.

And it’s true.

Last night, I stayed up later playing with my friend and then ended up getting into an argument for nothing over nothing.

I then got so tired, I slept till quite late. Slept through an important phone call from a friend, then also slept through my cousins visiting…

I feel embarrassed and a lil guilty. Not only this, but I’ve much less time in a day… which feels so inefficient.

Gotta do less staying up in the future, and really try to go bed before 2am.


Where is here???

It’s been so long since I’ve taken a good reflection at my life. With the Chinese new year giving me what one would call ‘some breathing space’, I had a good sit down with myself to contemplate how things have been going.  (It didn’t exactly take very long…)

And the verdict…?
Things have really been going fast at an alarming pace. People say, time really flies when you’re having fun. Whilst this may be true, I can’t say I’ve really been having too much fun. It has been interesting to say the least, but things have been difficult and crazily uncoordinated at the same time. Hah, the story to my life in a nut shell.

It feels like days, weeks, months… then a whole entire year just went ziiiip…. and then here I am. (The minutes and the hours seem slow though!) And when I watch and read the news and tabloids I see all these young achievers, typically between the ages of 16-24, achieving marvelous accomplishments and feats. I am enviously in awe. And then I take a look back at myself when I was all those ages… and I think that my heaviest problems was what I should have for lunch that day… or whether I should have made a move on that hot chick. By comparison, I know I’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere… but where?

Most people now would try and look for answers. Answers that allow them to redeem themselves and to show them the right track to walk on ahead. The funny thing is I’m pretty sure of my own answers. That is I need to be more patient; I need to be more humble; and I need to be less lazy. I can honestly say, I am all these already, but I feel that it’s still not enough. And this is where I’m losing out. It is hard. I find it hard to be more patient than I am right now. To be more humble… (this is an oxymoron in itself… lol). And to be less lazy. Saying it even though you really do mean it is still rather cheap. Which is why we all admire Nike’s ‘Just do it!’ very much.

Thinking back makes me reminiscent. I miss many of my friends which I have made back in high school and uni. I think it’s safe to assume that many of them probably don’t even remember me… except for the closer ones… but I know it’s my fault for most of them anyways. For some people, I can just click so well… and others, not so. Is there some kind of formula to be consistent? Or is it like this because of the simple fact that everyone is just different and bond with each other on different levels. Maybe I should I should stop thinking so much and… ‘just do it~

A reflection now and again isn’t bad either though… just gotta try even harder! Add oil~

Pre-discharge mood…

Before this date actually happens, I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings here…

For a ceremonious date which I had been looking forward to all year, I am currently not feeling all too happy about it. To me, this makes no logical sense but yet I understand why. I had been all to eager to finally be rid of this place. I mean c’mon… A whole year! I have been waiting for that very day. But in that time… things have changed.

I’ve made many new friends, I’ve made an undesirable place feel comfortable, I’ve struggled through many challenges one after another and my accomplishments further signifies my efforts. I believe change is good. It is always good to see things changing for the better. But because of all that has happened, I have some real mix feelings about it all.

For some newly made friends, I wish it would last longer. I know they will not just ‘disappear’ … but it wont ever be the same as it was. I’ve experienced similar situations in the past. In our attempt to overcome these challenges, we had have some good times, hefty laughs, and great food.

Time that’s been has felt both fast and slow, now that I think back. Guess I did make my time worthwhile. Am proud of myself for that. I’ve learnt so much here and I really appreciate all that has helped me along the way. I wont forget… even the small things.

As I stare blankly out into nothingness… daydreaming… my junior begins to remind me… ‘stop sighing!!!’

Can’t help it dude… natural reaction…

The face humanity… Looking pretty doubtful to me…

Normally, as opposed to taking lunch time siestas, Ken and I would usually take our lunchtime strolls around town because:
1) it helps digests our lunch
2) we’re getting our daily doses of sunlight
and 3) we’re like old men and we enjoy our own private rants about our workplace as well as the things we see on the streets. Surprisingly, it never gets old…

However, todays post isn’t about me and Ken as he had to stay back at camp… One of my other good friend named Will dropped by and asked what I was having for lunch. Having already ordered umm… lamb noodles wassit? I told him I could accompany him for lunch after I’ve finished if he wanted to, to which he replied, ‘alright’. I had felt he wanted to… ‘talk’ about something from his exasperated expression.

I took Will on my usual lunchtime stroll route after lunch. A few friendly small talk afterwards, he began to divulge something which had upset him that morning. It was earlier that morning, around 10.30am, there had been loud tire screeches with the sounds of a car crashing followed shortly after. Will described how the people in his entire department all stood up immediately and rushed over to the closest window to see what happened. All he could think about was what if the people were hurt. Wanting to dial 119 (the emergency number here) in haste he reached for the phone listening to a dial tone but he couldn’t get the details straight in his head. In his panicked state of mind, he asked nearby colleagues by the window what the address of that intersection was and where the accident happened.
Everyone was so absorbed by the drama that was unfolding that they had all ignored him. One of the aunties said it’s on Chongxing Road… which he already had known, but he wasn’t sure on the other one. It had felt like hours until he eventually had gotten all the details, but that was several minutes too slow he had felt. All that had gone through his mind was what if that had been someone he knows or even worse… a family member. It was also possible that it could have been a fellow colleague or someone who they knew also… all those people could do was just watch… how many of those precious minutes had been wasted because people were too busy watching the accident take place. He cursed them all in his thoughts right then and there.

After he had made the emergency call, in a fit of frustration and anger, he took to social media FB to express all his rage at the heartlessness of his colleagues as a whole. He’s quite a down to earth person, good natured, and definitely cool-headed. But this event really pushed him over the edge. How can his colleagues, people who he sees day-in, day-out, be so cold-hearted. He felt disgusted. He did not name them by name, but directed to them as an entire stereotypical profession. And with all his vent up angst all put on-screen, he pressed the ENTER key to publicise it. It wasn’t before long that he had gotten many replies. One of them being his Sister. She immediately called as soon as she saw and asked him to take it down a.s.a.p. She told him she understood how he must have felt, but putting it the way he had, made it made the whole situation quite detrimental to his image as a person and his ethical value. Whilst standing up for what he believes full-heartedly is commemorable, but badmouthing a whole syndicate of officials wasn’t the most mature way to go about it. She urged him again to please take it down and tried to appeal to him the seriousness of the situation. And he did after some careful thought, but he was still quite disturbed about what had happened.    

I spent awhile trying to digest everything he had told me. I asked myself the same questions and I was surprised. Even though I do feel similar about how the event had evolved, I don’t think I have met someone who seems as honest and pure. I can see he really cares about the eco-system, he really cares for being environmentally green, and he really cares for humanity.
We had reached a park and I sat him down at the bench. I told him some of my experiences, some of my thoughts, and some of my perspectives of how things are and how they should be. I gave him examples of what I meant, I told him that it was okay to actually get pissed off about things like this. I also told him how things can be seen positively and that it may not be so grim.
He sat there carefully listening to what I had to say, never interrupting, but a sincere look about his face and agreeable nods.

Will sat there for a moment… silently pondering to himself. He looked up at me and then smiled.

“Thanks, I feel better now…”


UPDATE 21/03: It was just reported this morning to us that the girl that was hit in the accident had died from internal injuries from the accident. When I heard it announced, I looked over at Will and he had a forced smile on his face, but I could see a bit of sadness in his eyes. I walked over to him and said, ‘you did your part already. Good job!’ He looked back at me and tightened his lips and replied… ‘thanks!’