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Nangang Turn Stop

In the bus ride home again, my vision trails away out of focus.

I was lost in my thoughts wondering about how the day has been, what I could be doing in the weekend, how my work is going, what new hobbies could I start….
It was then suddenly, the driver announced that we were at the Nangang turn stop. I thought to myself, that’s peculiar. The bus driver never mentioned any of the other stops we stop at. Why this one? It wasn’t even a major stop or one that connected to other transport locations.
Nevertheless, I looked up. There stood waiting at the bus stop, one of the most nicest looking girl I have ever seen. I plastered my face to the window with my hands on either side. She was too busy looking at her smartphone and did not look up. I don’t know why,  but I felt like stopping the bus and getting off so that I could get her to notice me. But then what….
What normal person does this… haha… all I can do is daydream I guess.

Ai…. maybe I’m just going crazy and a bit manic. 滾滾滾。。。



Yo, check those legs out…

Just shopping at our local Carrefour for some much-needed toothpaste, both me and Ken were aimlessly browsing around the store.

“Yo, yo, yo… hey… check those legs out…” Right down the aisle was a tall girl walking away in high heels that resembled something like this.

Normally I would be pretty impressed by the sight. However, what had captivated my attention more was the fact that there were also other middle-aged men all staring at those long white milky legs. Some were shopping with their girl friends, others with their wives etc. but each had missle-targetted lock on vision on those pair of legs.

I elbowed my friend, “Hey look… look at all those guys caught staring… funny…”
My mate replied, “Erm… we’re not doing any better being caught watching behind the women’s underwear aisle.”

It was only then that I had realised that we had subconsciously browsed into the female laundry section…

Capital F for fail…