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Beware of pron ads!

My Mum had just arrived yesterday and had wanted to set up my grand parent’s computer with her personal programs. Among them were Firefox and Chrome. Because of my cousins (Primary schoolers and Junior High) who install game platforms on that computer whenever they come to visit the grandparents, the computer is littered with junks, add-ons, and ads. When she opened them… it was a mess… with pop up ads flying out and re-directs for click of the mouse.
Yes… they really enjoy their free games.

It’s not because I don’t understand computers, or that I don’t care about my grandparent’s computers. (Yes, I know… it’s most likely the computer is affected with viruses, harmful cookies, and Trojans). It’s just that the first time I tried cleaning the computer when I began living with them, when my cousins come back and found out their things were all deleted, they went and re-download them all and MORE!!! Then after they left, when my grandparents wanted to use it again, whenever they would open their email account, the computer system would then first freeze and then crash… every time. I think they got pretty annoyed about that… as well as the time and money spent in fixing it in the end. I know I would be too… But since they’re their grand kids… well… they just tell me… when you get to be a grandparent, you’ll understand… HAH!!!

My grandparents only ever use the computer to check their emails. And they don’t actually do much with it other than that. So I figured, instead of trying to clean it every time, I would just leave it as it is from now on since it is still working and it works for my grandparent’s usage.

Back to the story. Since whenever you open up Firefox or Chrome, the home website is saved as some random game ad filled site. So if I did use it, I would normally type in the address of which ever site I wanted. But my Mum wanted them set to the original Google website. A lot of the settings had been altered, and I spent a good 5 mins trying to find the options/config settings page. It was so cluttered and messy, I decided to go back to my own laptop to try and see if I can find something there.

After I found it, I made my way back to my grandparent’s computer to see my Mum trying to see if she had any luck in trying to find the options. As I came across, she began to stand up and slid the mouse to me. In that flick of the moment she must’ve have accidentally clicked the mouse button and it clicked into a random popup ad. That very instant, a porn website popped onto screen and pictures of naked women in all positions and …. well I think you guys know… I don’t need to go into details…

My Mum’s natural reaction went “Uggghhh… what… what the…. uuggghhhhh….” and literally jumped back a couple steps away looking surprised and shock . The reaction was so pure and funny… I have never seen a reaction from her like that ever before. I turned around and looked back at her and thought this was absolutely priceless…

Nice one Mum… nice one…