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Super Size Me…

It was quite late tonight and was feeling a quite famished. Nothing within the vicinity was opened except for McDonald, and so I thought… okay… why not… I will have Maccers tonight.

So I went in and walked up to the counter. The counter guy asked me what I’ll have.
“I’ll have a quarter pounder meal please.”
“Is that with the chips?”
“And coke?”
“Yes… and… could you super size that?”
And the counter guy said, “No supersize?” I had thought he misheard me, so I repeated myself, “No, please supersize me… supersize my meal please.”
He then replied, “No… there is no supersize.”
So okay… I didn’t mishear him. I then asked him, “Why is there no supersize?”
To which he replied, “Because we don’t have supersize.”

There was a short pause as the words were being replayed back in my head… WHAT?!?!? Maccers doesn’t offer supersizing?!?!?! Since when???

Instead… I ordered two meals just to satisfy my hunger. Oh well… that’s another way to get customers to buy even more…


Dafuq!?!? On the bus back.

Tonight, on the way back to my apartment I was taking the bus. I was just staring out the window when I noticed that there was a couple sitting in the opposite side of the seat from the reflection on the window. Normally I do not really take notice of the other passengers, but this time it was so bizarre.

The female, it seems, was trying to tell her boyfriend about how her day went and about what happened at work. The guy was just staring forward with a bored expression. It didn’t seemed like the girl minded as she continued persistently detailing about every little thing that happened. After about a minute, she leaned in more into the guy while looking at his face and continued talking. Without being interrupted, the guy turned around to face her and with one hand he began probing, groping, rubbing, slapping, nabbing, poking , and fiddling with the girls face, chin and cheeks.

Wide eyes staring at the reflection, I was just watching the most bizarre couple situation unfold out in public. What shocked me was that she didn’t stop or react to any thing her “apparent” boyfriend was doing. The guy was literally treating her face like a play-dough. And still she continued to talk to him about her day. Honestly, I would’ve been less shocked if they started banging right there on the bus.

I really do not understand some of the girls here…. I would’ve just punched the guy in the face…

Muesli the Monkey

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflecting. It’s been awhile since I’ve done so. I’ve just been really busy with work, the new environment, and new people (kinda) and it was … well I wouldn’t say it was difficult, but I guess I never made any time for nothing. Any spare time I did have, I spent it watching TV or just messing about on the computer.

Since things have become more routine, I find that I have gained back some of that time. The time I’d be usually trying to figure out things and how to do the next step. So I guess instead of looking forward, I’ve been thinking back a lot lately you could say. This time round, I’ve been thinking of all the things I’ve done right in life, and the things that I haven’t done so well. It’s really hard to get a precise gage on the matters as there are no real benchmarks I could really compare it to.
People do say.…your life is your own and that you shouldn’t really be comparing to any other person. Which is true… But I do want to know if the direction I’m heading is actually something that I want. I think there’s nothing quite frightening as heading down a path and knowing that there is no way back…

Right now, I’m just staring at my monkey doll.. And it’s just staring right back at me. He’s looking at me going… hey… you have it pretty sweet. What are you worried about?
I’m giving it the, don’t give me that crap look and I tell him to walk in my shoes.

He gives me that sly smile of his and replies, I understand, but you need not worry about the rest… just hang in there and keep trying.

Damn Monkey! You and your trivial replies!


Real men…

Today, I was browsing the internet and I came across a comment someone had left to a guy who had written about how he found his lost diary from his childhood. It had read:

“Real men don’t keep diaries. We bottle up our feelings and use it as fuel to work harder.”

The comment resonated with me a bit so I was somewhat compelled to write something about it. Hah…
I find that it’s both stern yet humorous at the same time. Even though the comment didn’t really address the story, it was such a typical meat-headed response. But within that, I found many truths. Why is that?

It seems to be quite common for girls to keep diaries, but if a guy had done the same then they are considered pansies. Reasoning being, if you’re spending time writing a diary, then you’re probably not spending that time outside playing in the field or a sport, more or less. I know I didn’t keep a diary when I was younger, but now that I reflect back, I kinda wished had. I know I have many memories which seem totally distant to the life I do have now… they feel alien… as if they didn’t belong to me. But I know they do.

But that comment above. It’s not entirely stupid. I’m not one, so I can’t exactly speak for females, but for guys… when you do bottle your feelings, it gives you more energy, a stronger conviction to push yourself to be better, to try harder, to strive to win… maybe even to the point of ‘at all costs‘. But if you just do not care, whether it be irrelevant (or so you think to yourself), disregarding to anything about you, or that you actually just let all your emotions catch up to you and you set it free… only one result happens. Which is…. exactly nothing. Nothing will happen… except maybe you feel just that little much better about yourself.

But there’s nothing wrong with that. A lil TLC for yourself is great… and is something that many people still need to remember to do once in awhile. But if self-TLC is your go to option for all the wrongs in your life…

Well then buddy…

Good Luck~

Weak promises…

“Don’t make promises that you can’t keep…”

Or so I had learned at a very young age. The root of those words were reinforced by both my parents and my teachers. Yet, I can say with much confidence that the value of a promise kept promise is worth as much as a few drinks in a bar or a couple pills of neglect. Either way, it’s not very much… as I slowly learned many of my lessons the hard way through growing up. Did my teachers and my parents lie to me? Of course they did not. But it seems everybody’s definition of promises, big and small, varies.

To me, integrity… trustworthiness… principle… they mean everything to me. But all too often, I’ve had and heard shallow promises thrown about like an old cleaning rag. Barely good enough to clean up the spills on the table but it does do its job… as rough as it may seem. If we take for granted the small things are in life… how can we expect much more from even greater things? Small things like, ‘I’ll call you later tonight’ or ‘you will get your money by tomorrow’ may not mean much if they are delayed or if they ever happen at all. But what happens if major corporate companies did that… or banks saying that your money is safe with them. People will not tolerate for such carelessness. These issues may seem that they are on a totally different scale of seriousness… but correct me if I’m wrong, but it is possible that these are the very people who work at those kinds of companies. Pretty unacceptable if you ask me.

Promises are like a verbal contract. They are not legally binding, but when you do make them, it basically means that you are putting your character and value on the line. For some people, it does not mean much. Look at the statistics for divorces caused in marriages due to cheating. Last time I record, people say their vows in marriages. Vows!!! Doesn’t it mean anything even after a few years? Obviously not everyone is like this… but it’s always the minority that ruins it for the majority. I don’t know…

I just wish that more people made their words count in this world…

What is stress???

This term stress…. personally, I don’t exactly understand what it is. I looked it up in the dictionary. It said something like “mental, emotional, physical strain or tension.” which I can grasp. Then there is Wikipedia’s version here:

“In psychology, stress is a concept about condition that can be described as: feeling of strain and pressure, feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed, overall irritability, feeling of insecure, nervousness, social withdrawal, loss of appetite, depression, panic attacks, exhaustion, high or low blood pressure, skin problems, insomnia, lack of sexual desire (sexual dysfunction), migraine, gastrointestinal problems (constipation or diarrhea), and for women menstrual problems, may cause more serious conditions like heart problems.”

To me, the above reads something like this in my head; If you have this thing called stress… you’re basically doomed… GG! Which in fact really isn’t the case , but it seems like people who are “stressed-out” often feels like it’s the end of the world and if either the government or God doesn’t fix it, then they should probably kill themselves-kinda severity.

However, going to my very first statement earlier, I do not understand what stress really is. To me, I know I get worried or even anxious sometimes. But to stress about something doesn’t really make much sense to me. If I ever find myself in situations where people often believe that they are stressful… I’m usually either…. “Fcuk… oh well… nothing I can do to change it…” or I am… “Hmm… what can I do to change it and make it better??? Hmm….”

So basically, if I ever find myself in Chicken Little’s conundrum and apply my above reactions, I’m sure that you will either see a Chicken Little drinking tea and coffee while admiring the sunset, making the most of the moment all before the sky falls down… or else the Chicken Little who is making a bomb shelter or a rocket ship out to space… with a wrench in hand and engineering goggles on his forehead… you know… something stupid like that…

For some weird reason, a favourite question interviewers enjoy asking me is, ‘When you get stressed, what do you usually do???
Then the same thought conversations start occurring in my head. What do you mean when I get stressed? I don’t get stressed… What do you mean by getting stressed. What kind of answer are they expecting me to reply? Is stress common in people? I thought it was some kinda sickness… or allergy… who knows. Do I answer them that I don’t really get stressed? Or do I reply them with some kind of answer the norm usually replies with? Should I look like It’s not a matter I’m concerned with? Or should I make it look like it’s something I deal with everyday but is fully under my control and I can whip it how ever I like? Hmm…
After the heavy but brief conversation with myself, I usually look them in the eyes… smile… and say ‘oh.. I just either watch a movie or listen to music…’
I get a blank stare in reply most of the time, and then they move on to the next question. Maybe that’s too much of a standard answer, I dunno.

I think though… maybe it’s not something I have come across. Maybe it will find it sometime down the track… but so far as I’m going… and from what I hear from other people… I hope it will never find me… D: